My Holistic September

My Holistic September

In case you missed it here is what’s kept me busy in September.


A- Z Blog Series
The next 4 letters in my blog series about how Massage or Reflexology (my treatments) can help with common aliments went live. Click on the links below for each in case you missed one.

S is for… Sinus

T is for…Tennis Elbow

U is for … Urinary System 

V is for… Vertigo
World Reflexology week

It was World Reflexology week, the 18th to the 24th of the month and each day for the week on Instagram I put up a Reflexology post highlighting the numerous benefits of the treatment. I was also honored when I was named on Facebook as one of the top 20 Reflexologist blogs on the web (by Check it out here if you haven’t already seen it.

Crossfit goals! 

I set myself a goal after the CrossFit games of been able to climb the rope in the gym. After many (failed) attempts and watching numerous YouTube videos on the correct foot grip, I finally achieved it. The first one wasn’t pretty and I think I scared the coach (Coach B) a bit when I realized 15 foot up I hadn’t a clue how to get down!! ha ha. But I’ve done it a few times since and I actually enjoy it. That’s me sorted now if I ever need to climb my way out of a 15 foot deep well or something!! Lol

14 day meditation challenge

In September I started and completed a 14 day meditation challenge that I followed on Mind Body Green with Light Watkins and really enjoyed it. Whilst I can’t say a lot about it at the moment as I written a blog post about it for another site. I thoroughly enjoyed how I felt from during it every day and have continued my practice of it. Meditation is great for busy minds and bodies and it’s beneficial to all. I hope to be able to share my findings in it with you all shortly.

GAA championship

As we all know by now my beloved Mayo didn’t win this years All Ireland GAA football championship. While I spent it in a Dublin pub after the usual last minute ( and unsuccessful this time) scramble for a ticket I watched men and women of all ages walk away from it with saddened and sombre hearts I couldn’t help but still feel proud of a team  that brought such hope and belief into their fans lives. They did so much and brought us all together for the past few months and I know while this season is over, we will all be back again in 2018 with them to do it all again. You have heard it here first  ‘Mayo for Sam 2018’

Wild Atlantic Way

Speaking of Mayo I got to spend a beautiful weekend in a beautiful part of it at the end of the month and absolutely nothing beats the feeling you get when you are standing on the edge of Europe with the winds from the wild Atlantic way blowing through your hair. Fresh air, wild white waves and beaches that go on for miles are some of the best natural cures for most things.

Till next month! Stay holistic
Catherine x

My Holistic August

My Holistic August

August to me was all about holidays, anniversaries and celebrations. Here are just a few of my highlights:

CrossFit Games

It started off with a trip the CrossFit Games in Madison Wisconsin in America which is a holiday of a lifetime for any Crossfitter. Imagine the All Ireland Final multiplied by 4 days of events or been a the New York fashion week for my fashion followers out there and you can get the picture. This is the biggest CrossFit event in the world where 40 individuals( both males, and female) 40 teams and 100’s of communities come together to compete for the title of the “Fittest on earth”. With over 10, 000 spectators a day, a huge vendor village, a full day time table of both indoor and outdoor events, the numerous coffee and food stalls were badly needed in this busy busy venue.

But what can I say about The CrossFit Games that hasn’t been said before, from day one, the buzz and excitement from both the athletes and the crowd was infectious that even the thunder storms and rain clouds couldn’t dampen our spirits. Even though there wasn’t any “Irish” athletes competing I stood there waving my tri-colour every time one of the many European athletes would be near by.


The days all blended into one big event, with haybales, sledge hammers, rope climbs, bar bells, burpees, running, dumbells, cycling and many many more workouts. As the events got faster and harder, these amazing athletes really showed us why they are the fittest, they didn’t seem to tire at all and it looked like they just continued to get stronger and stronger. You cant help but admire them, when fans are screaming at you from all angles and asking for selfies and autographs from the minute you leave the floor to the sheer determination and mental strength to continue each and every workout when every bit of  your body and mind must screaming at you to stop. The smiles on their faces just got bigger and brighter as the days went on.

This is amazing to watch and I have to say I was on my feet for all athletes but by the end I was definately on  ” The Toomey Train” . I can never imagine what was going through her head during that last workout and then last lunge, all I can say is my heart was in my mouth and I will  never forget that feeling when Dave Castro announced her as the overall winner. After 2 years of finishing in second place,the persistence and determination to go back and do it all again has to be admired (this lady even competed in the Rio Olympics between CrossFit Games).

I’m proud to say I had tears rolling down my face when she found out and I’m very honoured to say I was there to experience it.

Over a month later it feels some what like a dream, for those 4 days we were in a CrossFit Games bubble the Alliant centre where we mixed and mingled with other CrossFitters from around the world. The community element was alive and strong and that only made me adore it even more. A big shout out to everyone we met including some famous “athletes” parents and families (too many to mention) and to Brooke Ence who is just the warmest “American girl next door” I have ever met! Brooke if you are reading this you are welcome to CrossFit Galway when ever you are in Ireland.


Living Well with Arthritis

August 2012 was when I got my hip replaced and I cant believe its a whole 5 years on. Every day I’m so grateful that I made that hard decision back then. Thankfully it was the right one and the surgery was a success and I continue to live by the words of my consultant who said when I asked if I could exercise after my recovery , ” of course Catherine, that’s why I gave it to you, I want you to use it, its not for sitting still” and so every month I hope I continue to live by those words. I have proved to myself that I can still live well with arthritis and not be restricted by a replaced hip. Long may it last.

Happy Birthday Blog

This month also marked the second anniversary of this blog and I wrote a little blog about it. (click here if you missed it) Ive learned a lot over these 2 years and it really humbles me when people take time out of their busy lifes to read it so thank you all again.

A- Z Blog Series

The next 2 letters in my blog series about how Massage or Reflexology (my treatments) can help with common aliments went live. Click on the links below for each in case you missed one.

Q is for Quadriceps Muscles

R is for Respiratory Issues


Featured on other sites:

I had so much fun when I took over the “Snap Chat” for French Vanoli for their CrossFit “Battle of the west” competition.  Sure who doesn’t like a camera been shown in their face once they finish a horrible workout?? lol

I also love when I spot my tweets been published in one my favourite magazine – Healthy Magazine. The next time you are in Holland and Barrett, be sure to pick up a copy. This magazine always has great articles, about healthy eating, exercise, healthy lifestyle and much more.

Mayo GAA championship.

Aww my beloved Mayo started August with a replay and ended August with a replay. The team with 9 lives for definite this summer. The never say die attitude in this team has to be admired as they enter into their 4th final in 6 years …and still await that elusive win in 66 years. Ive have many memories of Mayo football and one of my first is going to watch the ’89 defeated team fly into Knock Airport with all the other fans that were there just to catch a glimpse of their hero’s. This passion is still in Mayo and the hearts, hopes and dreams of a county (both at home and away) are with this team once again for this final so all I can do is hold my breath until the 3rd weekend in September and hopefully we will have a good result for my holistic September.

So that’s it, an extra long round up but such a great month I hope your summer was as good and busy as mine.

Till next time..stay holistic





My Holistic June

My Holistic June

Paint Club 

‘Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life’ Pablo Picasso

On the first day of June I spent a lovely and relaxing evening with some of the sport and social crew from my day job at the Dock No.1 bar in Galway learning how to paint with Paint Club.  Have a look at their Instagram here for more information on the courses and events they run, highly recommend!

CrossFit Regionals 

In 2015, I watched the Meridian CrossFit Regional’s Live in Copenhagen and this year I’m actually going to watch the CrossFit Games in Madison. So this month I was extra excited watching the amazing and talented athletes qualify for the games. I  can’t wait to cheer and shout for all my favourites up close and in person.

(me 2 years ago in Copenhagen)
Wellness Fair 

I was once again delighted to be involved in a Wellness Fair for the Galway Branch of Arthritis Ireland in June. A great morning in The Connacht Hotel giving some taster Reflexology treatments. I love introducing people to Reflexology and all the wonderful benefits it can bring for your pain management.


Night out with the gym

One of the great benefits of been part of a CrossFit gym is the community element and in June we got to swap the “Nanos” (trainers) and water bottles for some heels and lippy and enjoy some guilt free snacks and beers.  The below photo is a group of the same girls taken 24 hours apart!

Eat Pray Love

I’ve started downloading books on BorrowBox and was completely hooked on Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” book. I kept it for my commute and loved it so much  I nearly wished there was more traffic to sit in.. highly recommend it! So much food for thought… here is just one of the fabulous quotes!

Fresh air/long summer days 

We had one of the hottest days of the year in June and myself and himself put on the walking boots on and went into The Burren. Such a beautiful piece of the country and right on our door step.. Great for the mind, body and soul!


A- Z Blog Series
The next 5 letters in my blog series about how Massage or Reflexology (my treatments) can help with common aliments went live. Click on the links below for each in case you missed one.

G is for Grounding

H is for Headache

I is for Infertility

J is for Joint Pain

K is for Knee Pain

Mayo GAA championship

It was a wild, wet and windy day when my beloved Mayo team came to Galway in the GAA Connaught semi Final and it was only to get worse with a shocking defect by Galway So it’s back door qualifiers for Mayo this this space!

So that’s it for a busy holistic June…July involves my summer holidays so I cant wait for that.

Stay holistic x





My Holistic May 

My Holistic May 

Hi everyone…

I cant believe writing this, that we are in the 6th month of the year…where is the time going?? May was as promised a busy month for the blog and the business, see below some of  my holistic highlights from the month..


A-z Blog Series

I started a A-Z Blog series about how Massage or Reflexology  (my treatments) can help with common aliments. So far I have released 6 of these:

A is for Arthritis

B is for Backache

C is for Constipation

D is for Diabetes

E is for Endometriosis

F is for Fatigue.

Click on each of these for the full blog and do keep an eye out for another 6 in June.

Take advice from a Tree:

Anyone who follows my Instagram stories has seen almost daily snaps of my Bonsai tree. The new addition to my work desk in May. The Bonsai symbolises harmony, peace, order of thoughts, balance and all that is good in nature. All of these one needs in a busy sales environment.

Darkness into Light Walk:

I was delighted to have completed this with my sister in Banada (Sligo) for Pieta House at the beginning of the month. Such a great cause and a beautiful experience.   I especially loved the candle lit country roads and the illuminated signs of Hope, Strength and Courage along the route. Remember its good to talk and there is always someone out there that can help.


Featured on other sites:

It was a busy month for The Holistic Toolkit been featured on other sites. At the beginning of the month I was choosen for “Scale it Simple’s” Friday feature for my “Why Massage is good for your Skin” blog.
Read it here.

Then at the end of the month, I was also featured on the Irish Health Hour website for with my “Top tips for getting the most out of your holistic treatment”.

Read it here.

Also in the middle of the month, I was asked to takeover the Snapchat for CrossFit Galway’s, “Rise of the West” CrossFit competition day.  Such a great fun!


Mayo championship:

The round up of the month couldn’t be done without mentioning my beloved Mayo. First championship match and win in the bag and many more to come I hope. This day was extra special for me as I got to share it with my nieces and nephews and watch it through their excited (Sligo) eyes!

So thats it, just some of the holistic moments from May, a busy but enjoyable month!

See ya in June x

Stay holistic