The Open is Closed 2018

The Open is Closed 2018

The CrossFit Open season is closed for another year and my own personal goal going into it was to do at least 2 of the workouts RX (as recommended).

Below is my experience of it.

Open 18.1 – RX

20 minutes AMRAP

-8 toes to bar

-10 dumbbells hang power clean and jerk

-12 calorie row

I was determined to complete this RX as one of my main goals in 2017 was toes to bar and I was delighted when I achieved this last August.

My goal for this was to stay focused, try not to get caught up in all the hype and buzz from the heat I was in and just keep moving! The toes to bar were actually fine as I did them all in single reps. It was the 15kg dumbbell that tested me the most and highlighted that my left arm is not as strong as my right side at all. (I got a nice bruise on my shoulder is proof of that). But I’m thrilled that I got into my 6th round of this workout. (That’s 48 toes to bar for anyone else counting)

Open 18.2 – RX

1, 2, 3, – 10 reps for time

Dumbbell Squat

Bar Facing Burpees

18.2 A

1 Rep max Clean

What is it with Dave Castro (the CF Games Director) and the dumbbell?? After 18.2 I hope I never see another dumb bell again. I completed the 110 reps with 70 seconds to go and managed 3 cleans building up to my max clean in that time at 50.5kg.

Replaced hip…what replaced hip?!?

Open 18.3 -Scaled

This was the separator that we have been expecting for the past 3 work outs and boy was I winded after all that skipping.

I managed:

✔️100 skips ✔️20 overhead squats ✔️100 skips ✔️12 pull-ups ✔️100 skips ✔️20 dumbbells snatch’s ✔️100 skips ✔️12 pull ups ✔️100 skips ✔️20 overheads squats ✔️95 skips (Yes that’s 595 single skips, my poor calves !!!) and all in 14 minutes.

I completed 679 reps in total and even though this was the scaled version of 18.3 I was so happy as today I did 24 single pull ups . Last year I did 5 in the ‘pull up workout so that there is progression.

Open 18.4 -Scaled

21 deadlifts at 43kg then 21 Hand release push ups

15 deadlifts at 43kg then 15 Hand release push ups

9 deadlifts at 43kg then 9 Hand release push ups

21 deadlifts at 61kg then bear crawl 50 feet

15 deadlifts at 61kg then bear crawl 50 feet

9 deadlifts at 61kg then bear crawl 50feet

Time cap -9 mins

I could sit here and blame the fact that I had a head cold or use the excuse that the only time I could do this workout was at a very early 6am on the Friday morning as I was flying out to New York for the weekend or I could just admit that deadlifts and hand release push-ups are two of my least favorite movements and I suck at them.  But I did it and got 65 reps and at least I know what I’m going to work on for the rest of the year.

Open 18.5- RX

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

3 Thrusters  – 3 Chest to Bar pull ups

6 Thrusters  – 6 Chest to Bar pull ups

9 Thrusters  – 9 Chest to Bar pull ups etc..

Only 15 reps but I have to say I’m very proud of those reps because before that workout I had never done a ‘chest to bar’ pull up. By this I mean never even attempted one because for the past year I’ve been practicing my ‘strict pull ups’, ‘kipping’ pull ups and ‘toes to bar. So I never even thought of the chest to bar pull ups and in this workout I got 6 chest to bar pull ups (amongst a lot of no reps I tell ya) but I did it and I’m thrilled.  A nice way to end another Open season with a new movement for me.


My own aim was to do 2 RX and I managed 3 of them so I’m very happy with that. I surprised myself with my little victories and I have already got a training plan in place and some little goals set for me for the next few months training.

Most of all though I had fun over the last 5 weeks during this Open. Fun with my own workouts, fun watching the announcements and after shows, and fun cheering and encouraging our own community in CrossFit Galway.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, CrossFit for me is about 3 things for me:

-Doing the best I can and being the best version of myself in the workouts.

-Setting myself little personal goals and slowly moving towards ticking off those goals

-Having fun in the community with the encouragement I give and get in our gym and the friendships I’ve made because of it.

So honestly it doesn’t matter where I finish on the leader board, as long as I know that I can continue to have these 3 things I will continue to turn up to my CrossFit class.

Stay holistic


My Holistic January

My Holistic January

Welcome to my first monthly round from 2018:

A- Z Blog 

After the success of last years series, I have decided to start another A to Z Series about how Massage or Reflexology (my treatments) can help with common ailments. In January, I blogged about the letters A and B.

Click on the links below for each in case you missed one.

A is for..Asthma

B is for ..Bloating

My Word for the Year

Those of you that followed me last January will remember that I participated in a little experiment where I chose a word for the year ahead. Last year I chose Balance.

Read about it here if you missed it.

For 2018 I have decided to go with “Believe” and I’m going to incorporate this into all aspects of my life.

My day job, my gym workouts, my holistic toolkit, my relationships and of course in myself.

Keep an eye out for my updates on this through out the year.

Beo Event

I attended the Beo “Wellness” Event in Galway during January with some friends and really enjoyed it.  Everything about the afternoon was warm and welcoming from the warm healthy pancakes and packed goodie bags to the really informative talks from some of the wellness advocates on the Beo team.

Pat Divilly chatted about goal setting and enjoying the journey ,not just focusing on the destination.

Sile Seoige shared some very personal stories and how Yoga and Mediation really helped her to refocus on the important things in her life. She ended with a beautiful mediation which lasted with me for the whole evening.

My Nutrition Ireland give us some useful cooking and nutritional tips and of course the day would not have been the same without the laughs and bants with a very funny Doireann Garrihy.

I would highly recommend this event, so if they come to your area, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Pippas Fashion Factory

The weekend after that I also attended Pippas Fashion Factory with my sister. This was a delightful afternoon with make up tips with Aimee Connolly, tanning and fashion advice from Pippa herself and a very good informative Q & A session with Jennifer from The Skin Nerd.

I’ve taken a lot from these 2 events and over the next year I hope to be able to put some of the learnings and advice into practice in my everyday life.

CrossFit Galway’s War of the West 

I was delighted to be involved in the CrossFit Galway Scaled Pairs team competition in January when I was asked to M.C. the event.

I was very nervous at first as I’ve never been behind a mic before but once I got going there was no stopping me and I was caught up in the excitement from the competition floor from the off.

Hats off to each and everyone who competed in it. I know from experience how hard it is to compete and all of them made it look so easy! Roll on the next one in May!

My CrossFit Goals

Which brings me nicely to my own CrossFit training in January.

As you know in the past few months of 2017 I got my first official ‘Toes to bar’ which I was delighted with. That spurred me on to set some new goals in 2018 which I will document here.

In January I set myself a target of getting 3 kipping pull-ups unbroken. So each evening I was there I did an extra few minutes bar work, I spoke to a few of the coaches and I took some tips from others in my situation and I put in the practice and on the 31st of January (tight I know) I did it. 3 in a row!! Go me…

The 2018 CrossFit Open starts in February so my goal for this is to do at least 2 of the 5 workouts RX ie as recommended ( I did 1 RX last year , the other workouts will be done as scaled) .

While outside of the Open the goal is to do 2 toes to bar unbroken and keep up my pull ups.

Wish me luck!



This month I read:

!”The Hearts Invisible Furies” by John Boyne. Without spoiling this on you, this is one of my favourite books in a long long time. It follows the life of Cyril Avery through his life’s ups and downs and even though I’ve finished it weeks ago, I find myself thinking about what Cyril is at now. Such a good sign!

“Some one please help me, so I did” by Sharon Fitzmaurice. In this touching and very personal book Sharon opens up and details her own journey and how she helped herself and others through self care and love. Sharon is from Galway and you can follow her journey here.


So that’s it, a very busy January and I loved every minute of it. I hope yours was as enjoyable.

Stay holistic


My Holistic October

My Holistic October

Here’s whats been keeping me busy for the month of October:

A- Z Blog Series
The last letters in my blog series about how Massage or Reflexology (my treatments) can help with common aliments went live. Click on the links below for each in case you missed one.

W is for … Wrist Pain

Y is for… Your Busy Mind

Z is for…Zzzzz

X is the only letter in the alphabet that I didn’t have a common aliment for but if you have any suggestions for this letter, please do drop me an email.


100th Blog Post

I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years and I was delighted to hit the 100 blog milestone during October. I couldn’t do it without your likes,comments,follows and encouragement so thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to 100 more.

Massage Therapy Awareness Week

It was Massage Therapy Awareness Week in the U.S. in October so each day for the week on Instagram I put up a post highlighting some of the numerous benefits that Massage can have on the body.  For more indepth information on the wonderful benefits of Massage, check out some of my previous blogs here .


Have you started your Hygge season?

Read all about some of my suggestions in “My Hygge Dictionary” blog.


Filthy 150

I went to support “himself” at the Filthy 150 Team fitness event in Dublin during October. A great event with teams participating from all over Ireland from beginners to advanced athletes competing for the podium finishes. I had a great few days cheering people on, drinking coffee, eating muffins, fitness window shopping and of course meeting the Crossfit Games athletes that were invited along for the event.

Here i am with Kari Pearce – the fittest woman in America (and 10th in the world) and Jamie Greene, 8th fittest at the 2017 CrossFit games and Sam and Jen Dancer (Regional Athletes). Such lovely people and I wish them all the best in next years Games. Just a normal Sunday really!! lol



Following on from Hygge, one of my new goals is to make more time for reading this season so I will also let you know all about whats currently on my bedside table and in turn I would love if you could recommend any good books for me and my followers.

This month I read:

‘The Mystery of Mercy Close’ by Marian Keyes- a very light hearted chic lit set in Ireland. This was funny enough and you could guess the ending but still nice and easy to read.

‘Christmas Under the Stars’ by Karen Swan – a romantic novel set in the Canadian snow mountains and was quite weepy at times. I love Karens novels so highly recommended.

‘Together is Better’ by Simon Sinek – a little book of inspiration. This is a beautifully written and illustrated book full or wisdom, quotes and inspiration.

Thats it folks…hope you enjoyed my October round up.


Stay holistic




My Holistic June

My Holistic June

Paint Club 

‘Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life’ Pablo Picasso

On the first day of June I spent a lovely and relaxing evening with some of the sport and social crew from my day job at the Dock No.1 bar in Galway learning how to paint with Paint Club.  Have a look at their Instagram here for more information on the courses and events they run, highly recommend!

CrossFit Regionals 

In 2015, I watched the Meridian CrossFit Regional’s Live in Copenhagen and this year I’m actually going to watch the CrossFit Games in Madison. So this month I was extra excited watching the amazing and talented athletes qualify for the games. I  can’t wait to cheer and shout for all my favourites up close and in person.

(me 2 years ago in Copenhagen)
Wellness Fair 

I was once again delighted to be involved in a Wellness Fair for the Galway Branch of Arthritis Ireland in June. A great morning in The Connacht Hotel giving some taster Reflexology treatments. I love introducing people to Reflexology and all the wonderful benefits it can bring for your pain management.


Night out with the gym

One of the great benefits of been part of a CrossFit gym is the community element and in June we got to swap the “Nanos” (trainers) and water bottles for some heels and lippy and enjoy some guilt free snacks and beers.  The below photo is a group of the same girls taken 24 hours apart!

Eat Pray Love

I’ve started downloading books on BorrowBox and was completely hooked on Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” book. I kept it for my commute and loved it so much  I nearly wished there was more traffic to sit in.. highly recommend it! So much food for thought… here is just one of the fabulous quotes!

Fresh air/long summer days 

We had one of the hottest days of the year in June and myself and himself put on the walking boots on and went into The Burren. Such a beautiful piece of the country and right on our door step.. Great for the mind, body and soul!


A- Z Blog Series
The next 5 letters in my blog series about how Massage or Reflexology (my treatments) can help with common aliments went live. Click on the links below for each in case you missed one.

G is for Grounding

H is for Headache

I is for Infertility

J is for Joint Pain

K is for Knee Pain

Mayo GAA championship

It was a wild, wet and windy day when my beloved Mayo team came to Galway in the GAA Connaught semi Final and it was only to get worse with a shocking defect by Galway So it’s back door qualifiers for Mayo this this space!

So that’s it for a busy holistic June…July involves my summer holidays so I cant wait for that.

Stay holistic x





My Holistic March

My Holistic March

March kicked off with a wonderful mention in the Irish Blogger Agency “Blogger Buzz”. All about me and my story, my business achievements so far and who inspires me. Check it out here if you missed it.

I also got featured in Taralouise McCaughleys March feature about Women in Business. Tara showcased a lot of women in this and I was truly delighted when she allowed me to be part of it. Check it out here if you missed it.

There is no denying that Spring has definitely sprung and I do indeed love this time of the year. The daffodils are in full swing, the mornings are brighter and during treatments some evenings I even managed to get a sneaky bit of sun in.

Nothing beats some good old Irish Spring sun on the bones. This type of day can only make you optimistic about a beautiful summer in Ireland this year.

As mentioned in “My Holistic February” blog, the CrossFit Open had started and continued all through March. 5 Workouts in total and you can read all about it, in my blog here.

Overall I pushed my self to my CrossFit limit, hit some personal bests and was delighted with my overall performance. As I always say CrossFit for me is about keeping me healthy, getting my hip and overall body stronger, a safe place to go to let off some steam, making some new friends and been part of a wonderful community.

Anyone that follows me on social media knows that I was off on some Annual Leave for the St Patrick’s day weekend with some friends and we went to Boston.  One of the highlights of the trip was a lovely walk through Bostons most famous and beautiful parks, Boston Common where we got to see the wonderful recent snow fall and how the magic of it just transforms the trees and the park. Did you know that they have special allocated sections of the parks for the dogs where they can run again unleashed. This a beautiful site to see and I couldn’t help but take a few photos of them and watch them play and mix with other dogs. The animal kingdom at its best.  This is right beside an aptly named street- Joy Street.

Nothing beats a beautiful sun set and I think it’s extra special when you are flying over the Atlantic above the clouds.

So that’s it, some holistic moments that stood out for me in March.

Stay tuned for April’s moments.

Stay holistic

Catherine x

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The Open is Closed.. 

The Open is Closed.. 

Described on the CrossFit Games website as

“Where grassroots meets greatness – Compete with hundreds of thousands of athletes in five workouts over five weeks. Do it for fun, your affiliate family, fitness or to reach regionals and fight for a chance to make it to the CrossFit Games.”

This years “Open” has come and gone and here is a round up of my 5 workouts.

17.1 :

This was a long and grinding work out but I was delighted to complete it in 19 minutes 17 seconds. My goal here was to just keep moving. Burpees are not my favorite movement at all and so when I finished and admitted that the Burpees were the easy bit you know it was a tough first workout.

*This is me in full snatch flight!


This was the only workout I attempted twice. The first one on the normal Friday class where I managed to get 2 pull ups. While normally I would be delighted with this, I have been focusing on my pull ups of late and felt that I had a few more in me so I rested up and was super thrilled with my 5 pulls up on the following Monday. (83 Reps in total). Grip was a big issue here with the 2 * 10kg dumbbell lunges, the knee raises and the dumbbell cleans. But Ill take those pull ups as my first little victory of the Open.  Its also given me confidence that when you put that extra bit of out of hours training in, it will pay off.

*There was a lot of hands in the air and staring at the bar in this one!



When Dave Castro (CrossFit Director) announced (Barbell)Snatches in this workout, I knew this would not be a pretty workout. My replaced hip doesn’t really like squatting deep. While its improved a lot since I started CrossFit, the flexibility and mechanics just isn’t there and add in repetitive squats for time, this wasn’t my ideal workout. But I got to the 69 reps in total and I was delighted that my hips didn’t  hurt afterwards, the “DOMS” were all in my traps and arms.

*just slowly up and slowly down for this one.


This was the same as last years 16.4 that I completed when I was in CrossFit Union Square, New York so I had a target in mind and that was to beat my own score. (Last year I just finished the row).

Roll on this year and I was off a plane about 7 hours and fairly jet lagged (not recommended). But I got passed the row and even managed 6 hand release push ups (second victory for me of the Open, PB’ing yourself). Once again how ever the depth on the wall balls were a little issue and it cost me a few no reps .

*You can see from here, how delighted I was when the 13 minutes were over and giving praise on my knees to the Gods ! haha



This workout got me all excited (Sad i know) but for the fist time EVER I did a Open workout as recommended. The 35 Double Unders weren’t going to be a problem for me but the 30kg Thursters were always going to burn so the plan was to break them up early from the first round. Up until this day, my max rep for Thursters was 34kg!! With a time cap of 40 minutes it was always going to be mind over matter and after a long and tough 31 minutes 33 seconds I finished my first RX workout! (3rd little win for me of this Open).


*Here’s me flying high with the skipping, pulling faces during the Thursters and having a well deserved lie down when it was all over.

So that’s it, the Open is now closed…plenty of blood, sweat and tears left on the CrossFit Galway floor gym but over all I’m happy with my performance and my 3 victory’s.

I know I’m never going to get to the CrossFit Regionals or Games or win any top 10 performances but I’m definitely fitter and more importantly my hip is stronger than when I started CrossFit and that my friends is one of the reasons why I keep moving. Its all about the small steps and so I’m already setting myself a goal for next years and to do more workouts as recommended (RX).

Please do let me know in the comments how it was for you?

Stay holistic x



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*Where the Magic happens!


My Holistic February

My Holistic February

Where did that month go? Jam packed with treatments, gyms sessions, yoga classes,  Hygge evenings, chocolate baking and plenty of cleansing rain! Here a little round up of the month as it was…

My Holistic February started off with the second Yoga Workshop in French Vanoli. This one was “CandleLit Escape” and it was everything Ciara and Zita  (the teachers)  promised. Restoration, Regeneration and Resetting both body and mind for the Spring months ahead. It truly was fabulous and this tough but highly enjoyable 2 hours was exactly what I needed to kick start the month.

I  got to spend a lovely weekend with my nieces and nephew this month and a few hours just colouring, watching cartoons, playing games and generally laughing out loud. You cant help but forget about any daily woes or worries you might have when you spend time with little people.  Kids have a great way of putting things into perspective and their hugs and smiles when they see you just melt the heart, and that feeling cant be bought with all the money in the world.

In terms of exercise, February was busier than normal with the start of the CrossFit Open and getting Open 17.1 completed. Which I’m doing the scaled version.I love this time of the year in ‘CrossFit land’ as it shows the importance of the community (both local and international) and the buzz in the gym during this time is contagious. We’ve practiced the movements all year and this is the time now to shine the light on how you have done compared to last year. While I take it as a bit of fun and I know I’m not ever going to be an elite athlete. I’m serious enough about it when I’m doing it and was delighted (if a bit shocked with myself) when I finished the first workout in the recommended timescale.

(There are 4 more workouts in March so more of this is my March round up)

However February was a very exciting month for my business, with signing up with and been able to offer The Holistic Toolkit services to a wider audience. I’m so excited about this new adventure and even though I know it means Ill be a lot busier,I love meeting new clients and being able to help them through my treatments. Dont forget to follow here or download the app if you want to avail of any of their services.

So that’s it, some holistic moments of February.

Cant wait for March’s moments.

Stay holistic

Catherine x

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Open Ready!

Open Ready!

Last week saw the start of the 5 week CrossFit Open and while I’m by no means an elite athlete I like to give it my all and so in this blog I’m sharing with you 1  little change I’m making in my diet to help my body recover that little bit better from these intense workouts.

What is this you might ask!?

Its simply adding  “Arrabawn Skim Plus Milk” into my morning smoothies and post work out protein shakes.

“Skim Plus milk is a fat free milk enriched with Iron, Folic Acid and vitamins C, D, E, B2 (Riboflavin) and B12. The skim milk product offers many of the healthy nutrients required for a healthy lifestyle.” (According to  Arrabawns website).

After saying that I’m not a huge fan of drinking milk on its own so I tend to add it to things to drink it.

This week, I added it to my morning smoothies:


-200 ml Arrabawn Skim Plus Milk

-One measurement of “Diamond Slim Lite” Protein,

-A handful of Spinach

-200 g  of Tesco Frozen Mixed Berries

-One Banana.


-25 secs Zap in the Nutri Bullet and its ready to drink. 🙂

Easy as that and with only 318 calories it keeps me full for the morning.

I also used the Milk in my post workout protein shake with some more “Diamond Slim Lite”. Its 168 calories and took away that need to eat some thing afterwards and keeps me at bay until dinner time.

Now I’m not here to explain to you the benefits of milk to our bones, muscles, joints but as a person who also has Arthritis and a replaced hip I’m even more aware of what my body needs and the  importance of having at least 3 daily servings of milk/milk products , Iron and these vitamins and so anything that can help with this daily requirement is always going to be given a thumbs up from me.

Ill definitely be keeping this new routine of mine up for the rest of the Open. Keep an eye on my social media – Facebook, Instagram for my process.

Stay holistic 🙂

P.s. Here are photos of me doing the 1st and 2nd ‘Open’ workouts and while I’m not saying that it was because of  the milk but I’m delighted that I’m managed to complete the 1st workout within the recommended time cap and completed more pull ups in the 2nd workout than ever before! 😜
Catherine  x

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An Interview with…CrossFit Coach Of The Year.

An Interview with…CrossFit Coach Of The Year.

Representing French Vanoli , which is home to CrossFit Galway for the past 3 years, Padraic Colhoun (Head coach) was awarded Coach of the Year at the Caffiene Awards at the beginning of the month.

(Photo: CrossFit Galway Staff with Rory McKernan – CrossFit Games Host)

Last week I sat down with Padraic and we discussed his sporting and coaching background, his introduction to CrossFit, his own training and what the future holds for him.

Can you tell me a bit about your own sporting history/background?

I have played a number of different sports down through the year but the main ones would be Boxing, Soccer and Rugby before I started CrossFit. I  started Boxing in what was Ardagh Boxing Club (now Ardagh/Cross in Crossmolina) with my brother and did this from about 10 years old to 16 years old. My parents are actually still involved with the club.

 (Photo: courtesy of Ardagh/Cross Facebook page)

I also played Soccer from about age 6 to my  late 20’s with different clubs, Moyvilla, Killala and Galway Celtic Night owls league and Rugby in my teens in Ballina Rugby club and Sligo I.T. It was in 2008 that I discovered CrossFit.


When did you start coaching?

I’ve been coaching in one form or another for as long as I can remember, back in my teens in the Boxing club and I also spent a season in America coaching  youngsters Soccer. But it wasn’t until I came to Galway that I got my first gym instructor job and worked in numerous gyms throughout the city.  Like anything it’s from on the job experiences that I learned the most and working in the university college gym – ‘Crunch Fitness’  that I learned a lot from the coaches there. These coaches were into the science of training and it was there that I helped coach many local high level athletics and coached a wide range of sports from Running to Rowing to Cycling.

When and how did you get into CrossFit?

I first heard about a new work out called CrossFit in the Spring of 2008 (CrossFit was in its infancy in America at this stage and held its first CrossFit Games in 2007)  and from there I started using its methods and work outs on the beach and parks in Salthill with a friend of mine.

(Photo: Salthill 2010).

In my 20’s I also completed numerous coaching and training courses including ITEC in Gym Instruction, NSCA Personal Training, Kettlebell qualifications and Stength and Conditioning seminars and Certs.

With these techniques and on the job training I started adapting and using more CrossFit methods in my every day PT sessions and my own training. The results started to speak for themselves.

Over the years and before CrossFit came to Galway, I  helped other gyms owners and personal trainers around Galway with their clients and continually implemented various CrossFit methods and techniques.

When did you join CrossFit Galway?

Up until 2008, there were only two CrossFit gyms in Ireland and only 400 in the world. “CrossFit Galway” opened its doors in March 2013 within the walls of “French Vanoli School of Fitness” in Oranmore and I was approached to join their team in April 2013. At first on a part time basis but as members joined the gym and the gym expanded I was promoted to Head Coach within 2 years.

The members in French Vanoli/ CrossFit Galway are hugely talented and vary in age and ability, from novice who want to get fitter and stronger to World Powerlifting Champions’, GAA All Stars, Ultra Marathon runners, local Running Clubs and CrossFit Kids and Teens.

(Photo: CrossFit Galway classes)

Whats a “normal” day in the life of a CrossFit coach like?

No day is ever the same in CrossFit Galway. Our classes start at 6.15am and run right up to 9pm 5 days a week with 2 classes on a Saturday.

Classes vary from Strength and Core, to CrossFit Kids,Teens and Adult classes. I work with 2 other coaches and between us we help program and coach each of the classes. We also maintain the gym and its equipment as well as do some one on one personal training sessions.

(Photo: Claudia Vanoli, owner and staff of CrossFit Galway)
As CrossFit athletes ourselves we also arrange early or stay late to get our own training completed. The great thing about CrossFit is the community, we as coaches love seeing the members improve and hit their personal best in the gym but its the fun, the banter and the competitive element that we get while training with them (and sometimes against them) that makes CrossFit that extra special. We are not only coaches in there, we all are CrossFit athletes too.

Do you do your own programming for your training?

I get asked this a lot as members in the gym will see me doing my own training in the gym and while from time to time I will join a CrossFit class and do the work out of the day. More recently I got back into my own training on a more serious level  and now work under the training eye of Dominic Munnelly who I praise as one of the best PTs in the country. (Dominic is based out of CrossFit Green in Dublin and has a high level of both coaching and competing in the CrossFit Europeans Regionals himself).

Who do you admire in the training CrossFit industry?

Like any industry there are good and not so good coaches out there and as a coach I believe part of my job is be update to date and always open to new ways of coaching and training and I believe CrossFit in itself is always changing and constantly varied. Thanks for the rise in social media and more and more CrossFit boxes been opened I can admire and follow many national and international coaches from the comfort of the gym.

*Colm O Reilly from CrossFit Ireland who was one of the first to bring CrossFit to Ireland and gets a special mention from Padraic as does Chuck Carswell and Adrian Bosnian (CrossFit Level 1 flow masters).

(Photo :Padraic with Chuck Carswell at the CrossFit Regionals 2015.)

So how did it feel to be awarded Coach of the year?

Been awarded Coach Of The Year is a proud moment for me but my learning and coaching doesn’t stop because of it and I am always open to other coaches and people techniques and methods so that I can continue to help my clients become the best that they can do and be.

Whats your plan for the next 5 years?

Over the next 5 years I would like to still be Head Coach in CrossFit Galway as I see such high potential for the business and the members in it. I also want to build on my Level 1 CrossFit qualification and go up to Level 3 CrossFit Coaching Cert which will open doors for the Level 1 coaching staff.

(Photo: Padraic with Dave Castro – Director of CrossFit games).

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Stay holistic 🙂

Catherine x

What I Know For Sure…

What I Know For Sure…

After reading Oprah’s  book “What I Know For Sure” I decided to write a list of some of the things that I know for sure based on the catergories in my blog. (This isnt an exclusive list)


Having Arthritis  doesn’t define me and getting my hip replaced didn’t limit me. In fact its been the opposite and given me more life and opportunities that I would of had if I had listened to some of the doctors who said that I was “too young” for a replacement and  “would just have to get used to the pain”.

What I know for sure its that no one needs to live in pain and my advice is to chat to others in your situation, “Own” your Arthritis and get the best health care that you can afford and do everything that you can do to try and relieve that pain.


Ive been doing CrossFit in CrossFit Galway for over 3 years now and while it is tough,  the friendships, the community and the memories that I make in there is worth all that sweat, pain, burpees and tears. Not to mention the benefits that I get from those work outs to my body and mind are amazing.


I have tried all types of exercise over the years, football and basketball in school, GAA in College, marathon running in my 20’s and now CrossFit and Yoga in my 30’s are the ones I am proud of . (Line-dancing, Boxercise, Zumba are on the other list!!).

So I have a good base to say that the one thing I know for sure about exercise is that no matter what type of movement it is,it is good for you and your body needs this movement. The benefits to your lungs, heart, brain and overall health out weight any embarrassment  or hesitation that you might have when you think of starting.

My advice here is to pick something that you like to do, been it CrossFit, signing up for a couch to 5k run, joining a local dancing club, whatever!

Movement is movement and your future self will thank you for it.

Healthy Eating

For some one like me who loves food, what I now for sure is that you need to have a healthy relationship with food to begin with. You need to understand that you body needs protein, carbohydrates and fats and in the right proportions to work at its best potential.It is ok to have a little of everything (even chocolate!) but just don’t over indulge.

Think of your body like a engine in a car, if you continue to put bad petrol or diesel into it, the engine will burn out, make noise and break down.  Your body is the same, you need to give it the best fuel for it to work its best.

Holistic Therapy’s

Been a holistic therapist and reflexologist for a few years now I have had many clients come to me unsure of what I can do for them. Massage and Reflexology have many physical benefits on the body. They relax and unwind the sore muscles, increase blood circulation and boosts the immune system to name but a few benefits but what I know for sure it that it also have many mental benefits too. I have yet to have a client leave me after a treatment without feeling less stressed, more relaxed, calmer breathing and with a clearer mind.


‘Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you’ Anne Lamott.

In the social media enhanced world that we live it, what I know for sure its that its ok to switch it all off every now and then and just “be”.. read a book, go for a walk, be on your own, just be! It really works.

This is just a few of the things that I know for sure.  Hope you enjoy and do please leave me a comment with one of the things that “you know for sure”.

Stay holistic 🙂


Catherine x