C is for…

C is for…

Continuing on with my blog series on common aliments that Massage or Reflexology can help with is C for Constipation.

Something that many people suffer in silence from and therefore wouldn’t dream of telling their massage therapist about.  Its can be caused by lack of fibre in the diet or a build up of gases  and can be quiet uncomfortable.

A holistic massage will help with this as the therapist will ask about diet during the consultation at the start.  This massage then will focus on the belly and the abdomen area and the strokes will follow in the direction of the internal intestines. Using gentle clockwise stokes and wavelike muscular movements.

Stay holistic 🙂




B is for …

B is for …

My second blog about common aliments that Massage or Reflexology can help is about ‘Backache’.

Backache can be caused by a number of different factors for example stress, exercise, bad posture, injury etc.

Research has shown that regular massage can help with reducing pain and stiffness and once you have a honest consultation with your massage therapist about your back pain, they can adjust the massage to your back accordingly.

Back pain can sometimes be caused by referral pain from your neck and shoulders and the massage therapist may work on these areas too. But depending on the cause of the backache, the massage pressure can be varied.

For example stress from heavy lifting in the gym, may require a deeper massage while pain from an injury may require lighter and more gentle strokes.

Stay holistic 🙂



A is for ….

A is for ….

Over the next few weeks I’m going to go through the alphabet and highlight a few different common aliments that Massage or Reflexology can help with that you might not have been aware of:

Starting with A:


I have written about this before (click here) and as mentioned before, many people with Arthritis may be afraid that Massage might “hurt” their already sore joints but research (and personal experience) has shown that done correctly the opposite is actually true.  A nice gentle touch can do wonders for sore, fatigued and tired muscles. When someone comes into my treatment room for a massage to relieve the pain from their Arthritis, I will explain that I will be performing Holistic Massage with them. I will be working on their body as a whole, their mind and their condition.

As there are many different types of Arthritis, I will work closely with the client and start with general slow strokes, gentle kneading and thumb circling around the affected areas. (for example, the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows or hands)

Like any medical condition, massage is never used for Arthritis without the doctors permission first of all.

Stay holistic 🙂


Why Massage is good for your skin.

Why Massage is good for your skin.

If you follow my blogs you will know that I am a big believer in the benefits of holistic treatments on the body and on all its internal systems and organs.

Therefore you won’t be surprised when I say that this blog is about the benefits that Massage has on the largest organ of all -The Skin.


If you think about it, (but not too much as it will gross you out) our skin is in contact with everything around us and therefore we are susceptible to all sorts i.e. germs, illness, and diseases.

Therefore we don’t need reminding how important it is to keep it healthy and in the best working order as it quite literally “holds us together”.

We obviously do this daily both externally and internally. Through the products we use on it and the food and drink we digest.

However regular massage can also help in having and maintaining healthy and vibrant skin.

How is this, you might ask?

  • Massage helps to reduce tension in the skin through relaxation.
  • Massage helps blood and lymph circulation and therefore improve its nutrition and encourage cell regeneration.
  • Massage can help to re-moisturise and soften dry skin.
  • Massage increases the natural oils produced by the skin called seburn.
  • Massage increases production of sweat from sweat glands, helping to eliminate waste products through the skin.
  • Massage helps with the dilation of surface capillaries, which improves skin’s color and tone
  • Massage assists in improved skin gland production.
  • Massage helps improves scar tissue.


This list is obviously not exclusive and but I just wanted to shine a little light on some of the many benefits that massage can have on the skin. Just think, if massage can have this many benefits on the organ that we see just imagine what other benefits it has on the organs we cant see.

Amazing, right? Just another reason to book that long needed and much deserved massage appointment with me today.

Believe me when I say your skin will thank you for it.

If you enjoyed this blog about massage, click here for more like it or Click here for my contact details.

Stay holistic 🙂


Catherine x





Let Massage ease the pain of your Arthritis 

Let Massage ease the pain of your Arthritis 

Just because you have Arthritis doesn’t mean you can’t get a massage for fear that you will hurt yourself or make your Arthritis worse.

Believe me and speaking from experience there were times when I was in such much pain that getting a massage was one of the only things that would make me feel a little better. No it didn’t take away my Arthritis but what it did was give my mind 30 minutes of ‘off time’. Time where it could just switch off and allow someone else to be in charge of the pain for a change. 


Massage doesn’t have to be deep to work correctly. A nice gentle touch can do wonders for sore, fatigued and tired muscles. When someone comes into my treatment room for a massage to relieve the pain from their Arthritis, I will explain that I will be performing Holistic Massage with them. I will be working on their body as a whole, their mind and their condition. 


Research has shown that regular massage can help with reducing pain and stiffness, easing anxiety, improving range of motion in joints, and promoting more restful sleep. If you are suffering from Arthritis or any form of chronic pain, I highly recommend that you talk to a massage therapist, be honest and explain to them your condition and where you would like them to work. 

Massage is definitely something everyone should have in their “pain management” toolkit in times of pain and stress. 


If you have any questions or would like to see what Holistic Massage can do for you. Please contact me through any of my social media or call me on 089 467 2647.

Stay holistic 🙂

Catherine x 


Getting the best out of a treatment..

Getting the best out of a treatment..

Most people I know love a good Massage or session of Reflexology. From when they book it to when they have the treatment they are looking forward to that time (be it 30 minutes or a hour) of relaxation, of been able to close their eyes and switch the outside world off for a little while at least.


They trust that the therapist will help soothe away the worries and woes of the day and bring their bodies and minds back into sych again.

To help your therapist here are some of my gentle guidelines that will help you can get the most out of your treatments.
1. Arrive on time.

This shows respect for your therapist but also allows the therapist to give you the most of your time. If you are late, this time will be taken off your treatment and therefore you won’t get the full benefit of the experience.

2. Don’t arrive on a fully belly.

This is for your own comfort as your body will not be a receptive if it’s still working hard to digest and break down your most recent meal.
3. Communicate your wishes to your therapist.

Be this your first or your tenth treatment. Every day is different and your should never assume that your therapist knows how you are since your last treatment. Be open and honest with your therapist. It’s totally confidently and will benefit you and your treatment.

4. Breathe

Some people are nervous when they come for a treatment for the first time and they might not know what to expect. It’s importantly to note that all my treatments have positive benefits for your body and mind and they is no reason to be nervous so just breathe as normal and let the therapist do their thing.
5. Relax body and mind.

A treatment room environment should be one of peace and stillness. With the right music, lights and temperature, the right room should make you feel at ease from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave. While it makes no difference to the therapist or the treatment benefits if you talk throughout your treatment, a lot of people will automatically close their eyes and stop talking once they feel comfortable during their treatment.

6. Drink plenty of water afterwards.

Immediately after all my treatments I will give you a glass of water and recommend that you drink some more when you get home. This is very important as one of the main reasons is that water will help the kidneys and other organs remove and flush out any toxins that need to leave the body after a treatment.

7. Follow any recommendations afterwards.

This again is for your own benefit and will help prolong that relaxed feeling that you will get some the treatment. For example don’t exercise, don’t drive too far, don’t eat a heavy meal and try and go to bed early and drink plenty of water etc.
8. Ask questions

Remember this is your treatment and this is your time so please do ask your therapist questions before, during or after the treatment. I’m here to help and if I don’t know the answer I will endeavor to find out for you.

I hope these suggestions help you get the most out of your Massage or Reflexology session and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram for more information on my treatments.

Stay holistic 🙂
Catherine x

Why you should give Indian Head Massage a try….

Why you should give Indian Head Massage a try….

I added Indian Head Massage to The Holistic Toolkit at the beginning of this year because many of my clients would come in to me with tension headaches, have problems in sleeping and issues getting their minds to relax and I wanted to be able to offer an alternative treatment to Reflexology. 
I spent 3 months in India in 2009 and I remember friends there telling me about how Indian families would use massage daily both for relaxation and healing. They would use massage techniques based on old Ayurvedic treatments. I remember watching ladies offering head massages on the beaches to the tourists and natives alike and people getting treatments in shopping centres, on the side of the road, waiting for buses and even in airports.

From an early age Indian children are taught to give head massage so that each family member can both give and receive treatments.

Also in barbers and hairdressers over there, they use stimulating and invigorating head massage known as ‘champi’ during the hair wash. Over times these techniques were adopted into western culture and has become the Indian Head Massage as we know it.

What surprised me in my training was that Indian head massage isn’t just a massage of the scalp. It’s a seated treatment incorporating the upper back, the shoulders, the arms, the neck, the scalp and the face and can last anything from 20 minutes to a hour.
As you can imagine it has many benefits to all the bodies system, which include and not limited to this following:
Reduces stress levels

Regulates breathing

Releases physical and mental tension

Improves hair condition and promotes healthy hair growth

Reduces and removes lactic acid.( particularly from the shoulders and neck muscles)

Helps balance the chakras (by increasing the feelings of awareness and sense of calm and clarify.
Indian head massage is ideal for everyone but particular for those who use lift heavy weights or concentrate a lot with computers, numbers, driving etc.
I have to say that I love performing Indian Head Massage as you can actually see the tension/the stress/the woes of the day leave the body through the shoulders and neck and people generally drift away after about 10 minutes into the treatment and some have even fallen asleep -a great compliment to a massage therapist!
So next time your body needs a massage, a rubdown or a bit of down time. Maybe treat yourself to an Indian Head Massage.

Until next time.
Stay holistic 🙂
Catherine x

Three months of Massages in 1 Day!! 

Three months of Massages in 1 Day!! 

Have you ever volunteered for something and not really known what to expect?!?!:)
Well last weekend I did exactly that!
My CrossFit box (gym) were sending 2 teams to participate in The Filthy 150 competition -this is one of the biggest team fitness competitions in the country and in its 3rd year was hosting 200 teams (of 4members each) to a 2 day Crossfit competition at the National Basketball arena in Tallaght. I had purchased my spectator ticket weeks before and was all set to scream and shout at my fellow gym members.
That is until about the Thursday before when I saw that they were looking for massage therapists for behind the scenes for post ‘rub downs’. As I’m a avid fan of shouting about the benefits of post fitness massages, I thought it would be great experience for me and also a great way for athletes to see some of the benefits for themselves. Such as pain reduction, improves circulation, increased flexibility and obviously reduces tension and nerves.
I got to the venue for 8am with all the other athletes and volunteers and introduced myself to the other masseur for the day Sasha and we got to work finding a suitable area to set up our massage beds. We settled in the ‘First Aid room’ and with a little help from social media and some ‘filthy150’ hashtags we were in business.

Once the first work out (3 km run) was over, we got our first clients. Which were mainly tight calves, hamstrings and quads. But as the day went on and the work outs got more intense and diverse, we were massaging shoulders, arms, necks and lower backs. ( I blame the wall balls, pull up and Burpees!) 🙂
By midday our sign in sheets were filling up and the athletes were spreading the word back out in the arena where we were situated. A lot of them remarked that the 10/15 minutes with us was all they needed to get them back out and moving again.


By this stage we were flat out and we could only guess from the noise outside that the competition was going good too. The one or two times that I did leave for coffee, the floor was hopping. The place was packed and everyone was in such great form. There were 100s of supporters of all ages cheering their gyms on and the many vendors all had queues.

But alas I never stayed out of the room for long, my massages were calling me. I needed and wanted to help as many athletes as I could to continue in the competition. The buzz on the floor was definitely matched in our room. It had become a place for people to let off a different type of ‘steam’ , a place to relax and breathe and for a few minutes get away from the comeptitive edge. Myself and Sasha worked together through the sore muscles and my holistic approach and we aimed to balance mind and body and from the compliments (and repeat athletes) that we were getting it really seemed to work.
After the chest to bar pull ups work out though, it turned into a scene from ‘Rocky’ for a little while with all the bloody calluses on the hands that came through the door looking for help. A job for the actual first aiders. 🙂 the one thing I noticed here is that the guys were worse than the girls when it kept to the sight of the blood!!

Picture this, a 6 foot, 15 stone man walks in with chalky hands in front and elbows up ( as if he is going into surgery) asking if we can put a plaster or two on his hands so that he can go out again for the next work out and then tears rolling down his face when the calluses need to be cut off and there ms blood all over his hands and tshirt. Crossfitters can be funny like that! 😉

We ended the massages around 5pm, after 63 athletics come through our doors and 8 hours of volunteering and I have to say even though I was exhausted, I was delighted that I could be part of such an event and would definitely sign myself up again for next year. Roll on The Flithy150 2016.

Ps. I got to watch the second day of the competition and am so proud of my teams, they came 4th and 18th out of 93 in their category!!

 Stay holistic people!
Catherine x