My Holistic June

My Holistic June

Paint Club 

‘Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life’ Pablo Picasso

On the first day of June I spent a lovely and relaxing evening with some of the sport and social crew from my day job at the Dock No.1 bar in Galway learning how to paint with Paint Club.  Have a look at their Instagram here for more information on the courses and events they run, highly recommend!

CrossFit Regionals 

In 2015, I watched the Meridian CrossFit Regional’s Live in Copenhagen and this year I’m actually going to watch the CrossFit Games in Madison. So this month I was extra excited watching the amazing and talented athletes qualify for the games. I  can’t wait to cheer and shout for all my favourites up close and in person.

(me 2 years ago in Copenhagen)
Wellness Fair 

I was once again delighted to be involved in a Wellness Fair for the Galway Branch of Arthritis Ireland in June. A great morning in The Connacht Hotel giving some taster Reflexology treatments. I love introducing people to Reflexology and all the wonderful benefits it can bring for your pain management.


Night out with the gym

One of the great benefits of been part of a CrossFit gym is the community element and in June we got to swap the “Nanos” (trainers) and water bottles for some heels and lippy and enjoy some guilt free snacks and beers.  The below photo is a group of the same girls taken 24 hours apart!

Eat Pray Love

I’ve started downloading books on BorrowBox and was completely hooked on Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” book. I kept it for my commute and loved it so much  I nearly wished there was more traffic to sit in.. highly recommend it! So much food for thought… here is just one of the fabulous quotes!

Fresh air/long summer days 

We had one of the hottest days of the year in June and myself and himself put on the walking boots on and went into The Burren. Such a beautiful piece of the country and right on our door step.. Great for the mind, body and soul!


A- Z Blog Series
The next 5 letters in my blog series about how Massage or Reflexology (my treatments) can help with common aliments went live. Click on the links below for each in case you missed one.

G is for Grounding

H is for Headache

I is for Infertility

J is for Joint Pain

K is for Knee Pain

Mayo GAA championship

It was a wild, wet and windy day when my beloved Mayo team came to Galway in the GAA Connaught semi Final and it was only to get worse with a shocking defect by Galway So it’s back door qualifiers for Mayo this this space!

So that’s it for a busy holistic June…July involves my summer holidays so I cant wait for that.

Stay holistic x





My Holistic May 

My Holistic May 

Hi everyone…

I cant believe writing this, that we are in the 6th month of the year…where is the time going?? May was as promised a busy month for the blog and the business, see below some of  my holistic highlights from the month..


A-z Blog Series

I started a A-Z Blog series about how Massage or Reflexology  (my treatments) can help with common aliments. So far I have released 6 of these:

A is for Arthritis

B is for Backache

C is for Constipation

D is for Diabetes

E is for Endometriosis

F is for Fatigue.

Click on each of these for the full blog and do keep an eye out for another 6 in June.

Take advice from a Tree:

Anyone who follows my Instagram stories has seen almost daily snaps of my Bonsai tree. The new addition to my work desk in May. The Bonsai symbolises harmony, peace, order of thoughts, balance and all that is good in nature. All of these one needs in a busy sales environment.

Darkness into Light Walk:

I was delighted to have completed this with my sister in Banada (Sligo) for Pieta House at the beginning of the month. Such a great cause and a beautiful experience.   I especially loved the candle lit country roads and the illuminated signs of Hope, Strength and Courage along the route. Remember its good to talk and there is always someone out there that can help.


Featured on other sites:

It was a busy month for The Holistic Toolkit been featured on other sites. At the beginning of the month I was choosen for “Scale it Simple’s” Friday feature for my “Why Massage is good for your Skin” blog.
Read it here.

Then at the end of the month, I was also featured on the Irish Health Hour website for with my “Top tips for getting the most out of your holistic treatment”.

Read it here.

Also in the middle of the month, I was asked to takeover the Snapchat for CrossFit Galway’s, “Rise of the West” CrossFit competition day.  Such a great fun!


Mayo championship:

The round up of the month couldn’t be done without mentioning my beloved Mayo. First championship match and win in the bag and many more to come I hope. This day was extra special for me as I got to share it with my nieces and nephews and watch it through their excited (Sligo) eyes!

So thats it, just some of the holistic moments from May, a busy but enjoyable month!

See ya in June x

Stay holistic



My Holistic April

My Holistic April

Cliffs of Moher walk

April kicked off with a “Road trip with Rua ” .

Rua is my friends adorable dog who came with us on a CrossFit Galway’s day out to the Cliffs of Moher. We walked the beautiful walk from Doolin to the cliffs . Such a fabulous walk. It has everything you need,  blue skies, green fields, stone walls, high cliffs, views that go on for miles and of course that day we had great company so alot of belly laughs!

Good for the mind, body and soul! I definitely recommend that walk…

Black Swan:

If you live in Galway and don’t know about this beautiful black swan that arrived (from Australia!!) to the Claddagh a few weeks back, where have you been?? My day job is only around the corner from here so I had to pop down one of the days at lunchtime to steal a photo. Shes ( I think its a she) seems quiet at home there and its nice to see the other “white” ones dont seem to mind that she is the star of the show at the moment.


Easter came and went in April and myself and himself had a little road trip out Connemara way and ended up in Kylemore Abbey. A very peaceful part of the world with his mountains, lakes, woodlands and beautiful walled gardens.

Deep a bit further though and you will find wishing trees, fairy doors and trees for climbing . I even found this hand monument that I couldn’t resist taking a photo of.

There was actually a Alice in Wonderland themed party there and that brings out the child in all of us.

Get up and go!
I was very fortunate to attend the third annual “Get up and Go” event in Sligo in April. Read all about my blog here.  I’m still talking about it to who ever will listen and am currently half way through the book that was launched on the Friday night by the organisers.

It has given me that extra push that I need to keep going with my blogs and my business  plan and reach for those goals that I’ve set out for myself.

Bank Holiday

Another busy month for The Holistic Toolkit and so I was delighted to end the month with a extra long weekend and put the feet up and spend some time just Netflix and chilling. Sometimes that’s what the mind and body needs and that my friend is ok.

So many blogs and treatments booked in for May already, I’m so excited that this may be my best one yet. Stay tuned!

Stay holistic 🙂


Catherine x



My Holistic March

My Holistic March

March kicked off with a wonderful mention in the Irish Blogger Agency “Blogger Buzz”. All about me and my story, my business achievements so far and who inspires me. Check it out here if you missed it.

I also got featured in Taralouise McCaughleys March feature about Women in Business. Tara showcased a lot of women in this and I was truly delighted when she allowed me to be part of it. Check it out here if you missed it.

There is no denying that Spring has definitely sprung and I do indeed love this time of the year. The daffodils are in full swing, the mornings are brighter and during treatments some evenings I even managed to get a sneaky bit of sun in.

Nothing beats some good old Irish Spring sun on the bones. This type of day can only make you optimistic about a beautiful summer in Ireland this year.

As mentioned in “My Holistic February” blog, the CrossFit Open had started and continued all through March. 5 Workouts in total and you can read all about it, in my blog here.

Overall I pushed my self to my CrossFit limit, hit some personal bests and was delighted with my overall performance. As I always say CrossFit for me is about keeping me healthy, getting my hip and overall body stronger, a safe place to go to let off some steam, making some new friends and been part of a wonderful community.

Anyone that follows me on social media knows that I was off on some Annual Leave for the St Patrick’s day weekend with some friends and we went to Boston.  One of the highlights of the trip was a lovely walk through Bostons most famous and beautiful parks, Boston Common where we got to see the wonderful recent snow fall and how the magic of it just transforms the trees and the park. Did you know that they have special allocated sections of the parks for the dogs where they can run again unleashed. This a beautiful site to see and I couldn’t help but take a few photos of them and watch them play and mix with other dogs. The animal kingdom at its best.  This is right beside an aptly named street- Joy Street.

Nothing beats a beautiful sun set and I think it’s extra special when you are flying over the Atlantic above the clouds.

So that’s it, some holistic moments that stood out for me in March.

Stay tuned for April’s moments.

Stay holistic

Catherine x

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My Holistic February

My Holistic February

Where did that month go? Jam packed with treatments, gyms sessions, yoga classes,  Hygge evenings, chocolate baking and plenty of cleansing rain! Here a little round up of the month as it was…

My Holistic February started off with the second Yoga Workshop in French Vanoli. This one was “CandleLit Escape” and it was everything Ciara and Zita  (the teachers)  promised. Restoration, Regeneration and Resetting both body and mind for the Spring months ahead. It truly was fabulous and this tough but highly enjoyable 2 hours was exactly what I needed to kick start the month.

I  got to spend a lovely weekend with my nieces and nephew this month and a few hours just colouring, watching cartoons, playing games and generally laughing out loud. You cant help but forget about any daily woes or worries you might have when you spend time with little people.  Kids have a great way of putting things into perspective and their hugs and smiles when they see you just melt the heart, and that feeling cant be bought with all the money in the world.

In terms of exercise, February was busier than normal with the start of the CrossFit Open and getting Open 17.1 completed. Which I’m doing the scaled version.I love this time of the year in ‘CrossFit land’ as it shows the importance of the community (both local and international) and the buzz in the gym during this time is contagious. We’ve practiced the movements all year and this is the time now to shine the light on how you have done compared to last year. While I take it as a bit of fun and I know I’m not ever going to be an elite athlete. I’m serious enough about it when I’m doing it and was delighted (if a bit shocked with myself) when I finished the first workout in the recommended timescale.

(There are 4 more workouts in March so more of this is my March round up)

However February was a very exciting month for my business, with signing up with and been able to offer The Holistic Toolkit services to a wider audience. I’m so excited about this new adventure and even though I know it means Ill be a lot busier,I love meeting new clients and being able to help them through my treatments. Dont forget to follow here or download the app if you want to avail of any of their services.

So that’s it, some holistic moments of February.

Cant wait for March’s moments.

Stay holistic

Catherine x

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My Holistic January..

My Holistic January..

When I look back, January was back to business with plenty of new year treatments, busy day job, regular Crossfit training and 3 blogs but I got many holistic moments packed in, here are just a few of my favourite:

On the 1st we started the year off with a beautiful walk in Coole park – in the crisp January air,through the trees and along by the lake.

No better way to start off my new year resolutions and intentions. I even got to do some tree hugging and practice some yoga moves too!!

One of my January blogs was about my ‘Word of the Year’ (click here for the blog) and I choose ‘Balance’ and I got to practice it in the first of the French Vanoli yoga Workshops -The Art Of Balance. This was just fabulous and allowed me time to practice my breathing, my yoga poses and of course my balance. All great for my mind, body and soul.

I also spent a beautiful Saturday with family trekking over the sand dunes and along the Wild Atlantic Way with all my adorable nieces and nephew..some days there is nothing better than been a Aunt to my little munchkins.

But of course the month won’t be complete without some good auld fashion hibernation or Hygge as the Danish call it with plenty of hot chocolate and cozy nights in.

So that’s it, some holistic moments of January. 

Stay tuned for February’s moments.

Stay holistic

Catherine x

Ps if you like this maybe your friend might too.. sharing is caring! 😀