Q is for.. Quadriceps Muscles

Q is for.. Quadriceps Muscles

Continuing on with my blog series on common aliments that Massage or Reflexology can help with is Q for Quadriceps Muscles (quads) in the upper front thighs .
Anyone who has completed a ‘hard leg’ day in the gym and tried to walk down or up the stairs or even tried to sit down on a couch afterwards will understand that ‘tightness’ in the leg that is associated with ‘quad’ pain.
If you do regular sports training then a good deep leg massage should become a part of your recovery process. As it can help with any built up lactic acid, loosen out the tight muscles and release any stress and tension held in the legs.

Like I said in the previous blog about knee pain, a regular massage can help with reducing this pain and stiffness. The therapist will use their thumbs and palms of the hand and use sweeping movements upwards and outwards over the quadriceps muscles. So it is very important that you have a honest consultation with your massage therapist about your training and level of pain so they can adjust the pressure of the massage accordingly.

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