P is for.. Psoriasis 

P is for.. Psoriasis 

Continuing on with my blog series on common aliments that Massage or Reflexology can help with is P for Psoriasis

This is a non contagious skin condition and is characterised by red patches covered in silvery scales that constantly flake off. It may affect specific areas such as elbows, knees , the neck or the whole body. The causes of this are unknown but it is known to get worse when the body is under stress.

In a Reflexology session, the reflexologist will start off with a general treatment to help restore balance and increase the blood flow and circulation of oxygen in the body.  It will also help in removing waste material from the body which will result in better skin.

The reflexologist will then rework on the area mainly affected focus by the psoriasis for example, the face reflex if it’s the face  and then the associated reflexes giving particular attention to  the adrenal glands, liver, kidneys, small and large intestine, diaphragm and solar plexus.

Stay holistic 🙂


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