N is for.. Neck Pain

N is for.. Neck Pain

Continuing on with my blog series on common aliments that Massage or Reflexology can help with is N for Neck

Neck pain can be one of the most annoying pains in the body and also one of the easiest things to cause annoyance to. It’s as easy as sleeping ‘funny’, twisting too fast by looking awkward a different way or simply from holding all the bodies stress and strains of daily life. Β It can start off as a little twinge but left untreated it can travel upwards to the head (causing headaches) or downwards to the spine and shoulders causing further problems.

Indian Head Massages is an excellent massage for anyone suffering with neck pain as the therapist will be work not only on the clients neck but also shoulders, face and scalp which are all connected by muscles and nerves.

In a Indian Head Massage treatment, the client will be sitting up straight and the therapist will use a mixture of gentle and deeper pressured movements to help release any tensions, working around the face and through the clients hair also.

Stay holistic
Catherine x


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