J is for… Joint pain

J is for… Joint pain

Continuing on with my blog series on common aliments that Massage or Reflexology can help with is J is for Joint Pain.

Joint Pain can be caused by a number of different reasons, Arthritis, old age, obesity,exercise, over use or even under use of the joint. When people think of their joints, they normally think of the bigger ones, hips, knees, shoulders and elbows but your ankles, wrists, fingers and toes can also suffer from very painful joint pain.

When the body is in pain the last thing people want to do is have that joint touched so that’s why Reflexology can be the treatment for pain relieve for joint pain as the joint is never touched by the therapist and they can still get to work on the corresponding reflexes on the foot. (Or indeed the hand if the foot is the painful joint in this case.)

The arms and leg joint reflexes are along the outside of the feet (from the base of the little toes all the way to the side of the feet). Starting with the Shoulder, Elbow/Knee and Hip reflexes.

Reflexology can also be used to relax the whole body and therefore help release the tension and pressure been held by the bodies joints.

Stay holistic πŸ™‚


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