F is for… 

F is for… 

Continuing on with my blog series on common aliments that Massage or Reflexology can help with is F for Fatigue.

Fatigue can affect different peoples bodies in different ways, while one person may feel tired and drained, another might have insomnia issues or be faced with continued digestive problems.

All of which may cause blockages in the bodies systems and reduce or stop them some working effectively and therefore creating more fatigue and draining the body of its natural energy.

In a Refexology session, the reflexologist will start off with a general treatment to help release any blockages and restore balance back in the body. They will know from the initial consultations which areas to focus on and rework on these reflexes.

For example, by working on the Digestive System (the bottom half of each foot, lies the liver, stomach and large and small intestine reflexes), this will enable the body to digest more vitals nutrients to help energise the body.

By working on the Circulatory and Lymphatic systems, this will help circulate oxygen to the brain and body increasing energy and alertness.

The Heart and the Spleen reflex at on the left foot, below the third and fourth toe respectively.

Like all common aliments it is recommended that you get at least 4-6 Reflexology sessions to allow the body to respond to the treatments.

Stay holistic x


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