Reach for those stars!!

Reach for those stars!!

If you follow me on any of my social media (click here) then you will know that I recently attended the 3rd annual “Get Up & GO” Event in Sligo.

The event promised to “inspire, encourage and empower you to get up and go with passion and purpose”. A high aim one might think but with a timetable of national and international speakers I had a feeling that this would be an interesting, positive and motivating weekend. I wasn’t disappointed.

Each wonderful speaker shared their individual, brave and sometimes emotional story with us. They each gave real life examples about how they overcame life’s difficulties and challenges, taking it on with both hands, a positive and determined mind and continued to stay in the direction of their dreams and goals.

I know, these conversations and stories will stay with me for a long time and I know I will hear their voices in my head in times of my own future personal and professional growth/doubt/worry/stress.

I know this because its perfectly normal to have these thoughts, 

“We are humans and there is nothing wrong with us, we are all work in progress”.

Its how we manage these thoughts that is important, because our “thoughts, become our feelings, which become our choices which become our actions and this is what delivers results”

For example on a Monday morning when I need that that bit of motivation to get out of bed, I’ll remember Padraig O Maille’s story about “popping up like toast” and his ‘Boomerang Principle’.

Or TeeJay Dowes’ one liner “Damn right, Im good enough” can be used when Im doubting my own worth when preparing for future interviews/presentations/meetings with new clients.

Another recurring theme with all speakers was about having and knowing what your dream is and going for it no matter what gets in the way.

David McGowan was insistent not to be afraid to aim for the top and dont let anyone stop you. Yes there might be twists and turns along that path but these all happen for a reason and you are the one in control of your happiness.

Judy May Murphy reminded me that “you grow around a dream, you don’t travel to it”

Emily Gower encourages us all to “follow your intuition and you can ignite not just a flame but a wildfire”

All positive, powerful and inspiring people!

The main thing I’ll take away from this is it’s ok to have a dream,(personal, professional, health, fitness, financial etc),   it’s ok to go after that dream , it’s ok that others might not ‘fully get it’ (they are not meant to, its your dream after all), it’s ok that it might adapt and change a long the way, it’s ok to fail at that and it’s ok to get a new dream and do it all again and again and again until I succeed. (Powerful or what!)

You only get one life, enjoy it, be grateful along the way for family, friends, life lessons and most importantly just get up and go for it!! 

So with my happy, positive and inspired head on me off I go back to ‘My Holistic World’ with a more inspired outlook on what’s to come, how exciting!


Stay holistic 🙂

Catherine x


Ps. For full disclosure this is not an ad for the organisers of the event, I entered a competition and won the ticket. These are my own personal views but I highly recommend if this event comes anyway near you, to get a ticket and join in. You won’t be disappointed.


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