My Holistic March

My Holistic March

March kicked off with a wonderful mention in the Irish Blogger Agency “Blogger Buzz”. All about me and my story, my business achievements so far and who inspires me. Check it out here if you missed it.

I also got featured in Taralouise McCaughleys March feature about Women in Business. Tara showcased a lot of women in this and I was truly delighted when she allowed me to be part of it. Check it out here if you missed it.

There is no denying that Spring has definitely sprung and I do indeed love this time of the year. The daffodils are in full swing, the mornings are brighter and during treatments some evenings I even managed to get a sneaky bit of sun in.

Nothing beats some good old Irish Spring sun on the bones. This type of day can only make you optimistic about a beautiful summer in Ireland this year.

As mentioned in “My Holistic February” blog, the CrossFit Open had started and continued all through March. 5 Workouts in total and you can read all about it, in my blog here.

Overall I pushed my self to my CrossFit limit, hit some personal bests and was delighted with my overall performance. As I always say CrossFit for me is about keeping me healthy, getting my hip and overall body stronger, a safe place to go to let off some steam, making some new friends and been part of a wonderful community.

Anyone that follows me on social media knows that I was off on some Annual Leave for the St Patrick’s day weekend with some friends and we went to Boston.  One of the highlights of the trip was a lovely walk through Bostons most famous and beautiful parks, Boston Common where we got to see the wonderful recent snow fall and how the magic of it just transforms the trees and the park. Did you know that they have special allocated sections of the parks for the dogs where they can run again unleashed. This a beautiful site to see and I couldn’t help but take a few photos of them and watch them play and mix with other dogs. The animal kingdom at its best.  This is right beside an aptly named street- Joy Street.

Nothing beats a beautiful sun set and I think it’s extra special when you are flying over the Atlantic above the clouds.

So thatโ€™s it, some holistic moments that stood out for me in March.

Stay tuned for Aprilโ€™s moments.

Stay holistic

Catherine x

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