How to relieve Stress with Reflexology 

How to relieve Stress with Reflexology 

While we all know that a certain level of stress, worrying and apprehension is normal in today’s ever changing and busy world.  But if you are getting feelings of anxiety and over stressed on a regular basis it actually may be putting your physical and mental health at risk.

Did you know that Reflexology can help with these feelings of stress, worries and anxiety related health issues?

As mentioned in some of my previous blogs here, Reflexology is a natural treatment and is beneficial to the bodies overall health but particularly in offsetting the effects of stress on all the different internal systems. Reflexology works on treating the body, mind and spirit as one and does this by focusing on the cause of disease and not just on its symptoms. Reflexology aims to clear out the effects of stress while it helps the body to reach a place of deep relaxation where it can balance the body systems.

Two good reflexes for Reflexology are as follows:

The Solar Plexus (Diaphragm Release) is the main area in the body which stores our stress and tension. Applying pressure in this area (the middle of each foot, alone the line of the second toe) encourages a state of relaxation and also helps with the breathing to deepen and slow down.

The Endocrine System controls the bodies hormones and so how this is working will having a positive or negative effect on the body. In a Reflexology treatment particular attention will be paid on the Pituitary Gland (at the top of the big toe) which controls all the hormone activity and thus helps restore balance to the body.

A good treatment will also help boost the immune system, stimulate the circulation system, help remove toxins, stabilise breathing and boost energy levels which will also help induce calm both in the body and mind.

When you go for a Reflexology treatment, the Reflexologist will start with a general consultation about you and your lifestyle. It’s very important to be honest with therapist with these answers as this will help you get the best out of the treatment.

I always  recommend 4 -6 treatments for any real and long lasting effects to happen to the body.

If you have any questions or would like to see what Reflexology can do for you. Please contact me through any of my social media or call me on 089 467 2647.


Stay holistic 🙂




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