The Open is Closed.. 

The Open is Closed.. 

Described on the CrossFit Games website as

“Where grassroots meets greatness – Compete with hundreds of thousands of athletes in five workouts over five weeks. Do it for fun, your affiliate family, fitness or to reach regionals and fight for a chance to make it to the CrossFit Games.”

This years “Open” has come and gone and here is a round up of my 5 workouts.

17.1 :

This was a long and grinding work out but I was delighted to complete it in 19 minutes 17 seconds. My goal here was to just keep moving. Burpees are not my favorite movement at all and so when I finished and admitted that the Burpees were the easy bit you know it was a tough first workout.

*This is me in full snatch flight!


This was the only workout I attempted twice. The first one on the normal Friday class where I managed to get 2 pull ups. While normally I would be delighted with this, I have been focusing on my pull ups of late and felt that I had a few more in me so I rested up and was super thrilled with my 5 pulls up on the following Monday. (83 Reps in total). Grip was a big issue here with the 2 * 10kg dumbbell lunges, the knee raises and the dumbbell cleans. But Ill take those pull ups as my first little victory of the Open.  Its also given me confidence that when you put that extra bit of out of hours training in, it will pay off.

*There was a lot of hands in the air and staring at the bar in this one!



When Dave Castro (CrossFit Director) announced (Barbell)Snatches in this workout, I knew this would not be a pretty workout. My replaced hip doesn’t really like squatting deep. While its improved a lot since I started CrossFit, the flexibility and mechanics just isn’t there and add in repetitive squats for time, this wasn’t my ideal workout. But I got to the 69 reps in total and I was delighted that my hips didn’t  hurt afterwards, the “DOMS” were all in my traps and arms.

*just slowly up and slowly down for this one.


This was the same as last years 16.4 that I completed when I was in CrossFit Union Square, New York so I had a target in mind and that was to beat my own score. (Last year I just finished the row).

Roll on this year and I was off a plane about 7 hours and fairly jet lagged (not recommended). But I got passed the row and even managed 6 hand release push ups (second victory for me of the Open, PB’ing yourself). Once again how ever the depth on the wall balls were a little issue and it cost me a few no reps .

*You can see from here, how delighted I was when the 13 minutes were over and giving praise on my knees to the Gods ! haha



This workout got me all excited (Sad i know) but for the fist time EVER I did a Open workout as recommended. The 35 Double Unders weren’t going to be a problem for me but the 30kg Thursters were always going to burn so the plan was to break them up early from the first round. Up until this day, my max rep for Thursters was 34kg!! With a time cap of 40 minutes it was always going to be mind over matter and after a long and tough 31 minutes 33 seconds I finished my first RX workout! (3rd little win for me of this Open).


*Here’s me flying high with the skipping, pulling faces during the Thursters and having a well deserved lie down when it was all over.

So that’s it, the Open is now closed…plenty of blood, sweat and tears left on the CrossFit Galway floor gym but over all I’m happy with my performance and my 3 victory’s.

I know I’m never going to get to the CrossFit Regionals or Games or win any top 10 performances but I’m definitely fitter and more importantly my hip is stronger than when I started CrossFit and that my friends is one of the reasons why I keep moving. Its all about the small steps and so I’m already setting myself a goal for next years and to do more workouts as recommended (RX).

Please do let me know in the comments how it was for you?

Stay holistic x



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*Where the Magic happens!



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