My Holistic February

My Holistic February

Where did that month go? Jam packed with treatments, gyms sessions, yoga classes,  Hygge evenings, chocolate baking and plenty of cleansing rain! Here a little round up of the month as it was…

My Holistic February started off with the second Yoga Workshop in French Vanoli. This one was “CandleLit Escape” and it was everything Ciara and Zita  (the teachers)  promised. Restoration, Regeneration and Resetting both body and mind for the Spring months ahead. It truly was fabulous and this tough but highly enjoyable 2 hours was exactly what I needed to kick start the month.

I  got to spend a lovely weekend with my nieces and nephew this month and a few hours just colouring, watching cartoons, playing games and generally laughing out loud. You cant help but forget about any daily woes or worries you might have when you spend time with little people.  Kids have a great way of putting things into perspective and their hugs and smiles when they see you just melt the heart, and that feeling cant be bought with all the money in the world.

In terms of exercise, February was busier than normal with the start of the CrossFit Open and getting Open 17.1 completed. Which I’m doing the scaled version.I love this time of the year in ‘CrossFit land’ as it shows the importance of the community (both local and international) and the buzz in the gym during this time is contagious. We’ve practiced the movements all year and this is the time now to shine the light on how you have done compared to last year. While I take it as a bit of fun and I know I’m not ever going to be an elite athlete. I’m serious enough about it when I’m doing it and was delighted (if a bit shocked with myself) when I finished the first workout in the recommended timescale.

(There are 4 more workouts in March so more of this is my March round up)

However February was a very exciting month for my business, with signing up with and been able to offer The Holistic Toolkit services to a wider audience. I’m so excited about this new adventure and even though I know it means Ill be a lot busier,I love meeting new clients and being able to help them through my treatments. Dont forget to follow here or download the app if you want to avail of any of their services.

So that’s it, some holistic moments of February.

Cant wait for March’s moments.

Stay holistic

Catherine x

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