An Afternoon of Relaxation

An Afternoon of Relaxation

After the success of their “Sweet 16 Birthday Celebrations” in November. (Read my blog about it  here), Marcia from Seabreeze Spa and Beauty invited me back into the salon for another treatment.

With so many wonderful treatments and therapys to choice from, I was totally spoiled for choice.

So I decided to really treat myself and went with  the ‘Lazy Days Detox Seaweed Bath’. I also added in use of their Relaxation Room and Spa facilities too.

On arrival I was given the use of a nice fluffy robe, slippers and complimentary herbal teas and water and directed towards the Relaxation room. This is ideal when you need a few minutes to just chill and leave the outside behind. It has comfy loungers to relax on and the Voya herbal tea is to die for!



(Ps I had the Chamomile and it was delicious).

After a little while I moved on to the Sauna. This is by far one of my favourite things to do and if I could I would have one installed into my house and never leave it.😀 I’m naturally a cold person and so I’m always drawn to heat so added with the peace and quiet and the fact that I had it all  to myself made it even better. Heaven!

By then I was nice and relaxed and ready for my Seaweed bath.

This was only fabulous. Marcia recommended I shower first to open the pores and then to soak for at least 20 minutes to let the seaweed draw out the toxins from my skin.

The water was such a lovely temperature that I could immerse myself in it and just let the seaweed float/wash over me. If you have never had a seaweed bath you might find it a bit weird at first as its slimy and turns the water a deep colour but rest assured this is all normal. You get used to the sensation of the seaweed on you and almost immediately you can feel your skin getting softer from it.

I really enjoyed this and didn’t want to leave at all. Pure bliss on a Thursday afternoon.. (Or anytime to be honest!).

Marcia was even so kind as bag my seaweed for me as it can be used twice more to prolong that relaxation feeling over the next few days. I couldn’t ask for anything more. (She agreed that I can use it in my foot spa like I did in my previous blog here.)

I had a truly enjoyable and relaxing afternoon in SeaBreeze Beauty and I highly recommend it as a lovely treat for yourself or indeed a present for someone else.

You can see a full list of their products and treatments on their website here or follow them on Facebook here.
“I worked on this blogger collaboration via my association with Into The West Blogger Network – Ireland’s leading network for bloggers. Find them at or on social media at ITWBN”
Stay holistic 🙂

Catherine x


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