Balance- Word of the Year 2017

Balance- Word of the Year 2017

Kerry from shared her blog “A New Year, a New Way” with us recently and its explains how instead of New year resolutions, she chooses a word for the new year ahead and I think this is such a brilliant idea, I am going to participate for 2017.


My word is Balance..


I will continue to attend my weekly Yoga classes and have promised my body I will do more mobility and flexibility exercises to balance out the H.I.I.T workouts that I do in CrossFit.

Goal: Be able to do a free standing handstand by the end of the year.



As work is getting busier for me in 2017,I will use ‘scheduling’ on social media more so that I can bulk blog for example one evening a week and let the wonders of social media take care of it for the rest of the days for me. Giving me a better work/life balance.

Goal: New blogs will be available on Monday evenings, every second week.



Family/Friends/ Life

The above will then allow me to have more time to catch up with myself, with friends and family. Sometimes with the great availability of technology, its easy not to meet face to face with people and before you know it days become weeks and weeks become months and friendships gets put on hold. Its doesn’t have to be a big meet up, a quick coffee, a trip to the cinema, a walk in the park will do it. All of these things are great for catch ups and also help clear the head of work issues and put things into perspective.

Goal: Leave one lunch time/evening a week for meeting friends or catch up with family.



One of the reasons why I became a reflexologist is because I love receiving it. However I’m afraid to say that I haven’t received it as often as I would like so in 2017 I will promise to incorporate it more into my own life again. Its something that can bring balance to my own mind, body and soul.

Goal: Have a treatment once a month.



So that’s it for now but I hope “Balance” can become a bigger part of my lifestyle in 2017 and beyond.

You can follow the link here if you want to join Kerrys’s word of the year group.
Stay holistic x 



Ps – below is the ultimate balance goal  🙂 



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