How to have a Holistic Season.

How to have a Holistic Season.

Christmas season, the festive season, silly season, what ever you might call this time of the year, it is truly upon us.


With all the lights and tinsel, excitements of friends and family catch ups, over indulgent Christmas parties and even stresses of last minute shopping, it can be very easy to get caught up in all the hype and forget to care for yourself and your bodies needs.

Below are a few of my tips about how to have the most Holistic Christmas/ Winter Season as possible.


As we see less and less of the sun and  generally are spending most of these days, weeks and months inside, its as important as ever to introduce movement into your days or continue to exercise as you do during the summer months. This is not only good for your body and will help balance out the “extra calories” that we all tend to eat in December. Its also great for your mind, its time away from the hustle and bustle of the busyness and a bit of “me time” to reflect on things.

Suggestions for some exercise over the holidays:

-Grab the dog for a walk.

-Wrap up the kids and go for a walk as a bit of family time instead of watching those Christmas re runs.

-Suggest to that friend that you are meeting for coffee, a little walk first.


Eat warm foods.

This is the season for soups, stews and hot toddy’s as the temperature outside is going down its very important for our bellies and bodies stay warm. This will help with increasing the bodies defense systems against any of the nasty flu’s and bugs that are going around. Personally I love the Cully and Scully soup range but of course if you have the time the best ones are home made. 


Stay hydrated

Like wise, stay hydrated with some herbal teas, “Peppermint” is good for your stomach (after those heavier than normal meals). “Lemon, Ginger & Mauka Honey” is good for sore throats. “Elderberry & Echinacea” is good for your immune system. These are just my favourite at the moment from the Pukka range but there are loads of other herbal teas you can choice from to help keep you warm and hydrated.



Get enough sleep.

I know this one sounds boring but with our bodies out of routine with all the extra parties and get togethers, foods and festivities. Its very easy to not get enough sleep. As mentioned in previous blogs, sleep is very important for the body to rest, recover and repair itself. This season is no different that others. I recommend that you plan “nights in” as you would “nights out” and make sure you are getting your recommended hours of sleep in aswell.

Don’t say yes to everything.

With all the party invites and social gatherings already coming in the door, it can be very overwhelming for some. It is ok not to make yourself available for everything. Your health is more important. Plan ahead and make sure you have some time for what you want out of this season.
Take some time out to reflect on 2016

Christmas can also be a time for reflection and thinking about the year gone by. Why not open that “Memory jar” that you have be filling through the year and take time out to go relive these moments again. Write a list of all the good things that happened this year, that you are grateful for and take this time to write some goals and dreams for 2017.

So that’s it, a few little pointers on how to make your Christmas/Winter season a bit more holistic.

Leave a comment below with any other ideas that you have that help in this season.


Stay holistic  πŸ™‚

Catherine x



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