Monkeying Around..

Monkeying Around..

It all started one day last year while out playing with my nieces and nephew in the local playground. There was a standard 8 or 10 monkey bars frame and my sister called me over, laughing and said “I bet I can do more monkey bars that you “. Me been the sister who was the most regular gym goer (of the two of us) was very confident in my response, nope sure I go to CrossFit I’ll win! 🙂

She smashed it, up she jumped and off she went like a natural monkey. Me on the other hand slipped on the second bar. (blaming the equipment of course!).


Roll on this summer, my 10-year-old niece was very excited when I was minding her at the park and she said that she has been practising and was able to do the 8 monkeys rings. I STILL couldn’t string 3 together…What exactly are you doing in that gym of yours Auntie Catherine?!? 😉

So when my sister sent me a Challenge video with kids and all in it…doing 10 monkey bars unbroken I knew I had to get some practice in…this was no laughing matter!!

I had no excuse really, there are about 50 bars on the rig in the gym I go to every second day. (CrossFit Galway)

My first attempt I did 11!! Yes, that more than your 10 Sister!!! 😀



But now I had the bug I wanted to do all of them unbroken.

So at the end of August I set myself a goal to have this done by Halloween.

It’s not easy on the shoulders so you can’t do it every day but I “tested” myself once a week to see how I was doing.

Week 1 I did – 20

Week 2 I did – 23

Week 3 I did – 25

I was finding the start was fine and I could do the first 10-15 very fast but then my arms and shoulders would get fatigued and the grip would start to slip.

But I was determined to keep up the practice.  I would go in and practice before my normal class and just set the phone to record and go for it. If I waited till after class my shoulders and arms would already be too tired.

Then on the 19th of September – only 20 days into my challenge I did it!




I couldn’t believe it! I was delighted, I just kept going and was really hoping that the video was still recording 😀😂.


It’s amazing what a bit of friendly sibling rivalry can do for your fitness levels! Thanks Maureen x


Watch this space for my next Fitness Challenge!


Stay holistic  😀

Catherine x



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