Irish Blogger Agency Launch

Irish Blogger Agency Launch


As a member of the Irish Blogger Agency I got to go to its launch on Sunday the 25th of September in the Double Tree by Hilton in Dublin. The line-up promised to be jammed pack with talks from the founder & CEO Sinead and her “Power Team”. I knew there would be loads of other bloggers there and the only problem I had was trying to figure out how I could get chatting to as many as possible.


Events like this can always be a bit nerve wrecking at first as a lot of people come on their own and don’t really know anyone (except in the virtual world). But the welcoming committee at the registration table put me at ease straight away and once I got my tea and chocolates (Yum Yum from Solaris tea and Issie’s). I got chatting to Clodagh (from Orange Obviously), Avril (from A Paler Shade Of Beauty) and Corina (To The Moon And The Stars)so the nerves soon settled.

The room set up was amazing and you could tell everyone was delighted with the Free Blank Canvas products!! WOW



The line-up didn’t fail to impress either. The Power Team consists of Roger T Burrows, Joanne Sweeney-Burke, Suzie Mahony and Kayanne Horgan.Roger talked about “Our HERO within” and how the people that you associate with will lift your own average. Suzie talked about “Breaking down the issues and tackling it each step at a time”. Joanne talked about how “Knowledge is Power and it sets us apart from the competition”.  All were very motivational and I was like a sponge taking to take it in all.

The bloggers that spoke, Kate Kelly, The Galway Player and Veruska Anconitano were all very inspirational. They have proven that it can be done. Start off with your dream, your idea, your goal and regardless of what others may say or think along the way. Work on it, mould it your way and it can become a successful full time job with the right belief.


I caught up with other bloggers from ITWBN there, Kerry (Fabulicious Fifty), Dolores (Irish Health Hour), Ruth (The Beauty Kemple), Saibh (Wild Cosmia) and so many more and I left feeling so positive and pumped up for the future of my blog. Such a great and motivating day.



So what’s the next step for The Holistic Toolkit you might ask??

As you know my journey started after I got my hip replaced and I wanted to share how I manage my Arthritis pain day to day through exercise, holistic treatments, healthy eating, mindfulness etc.

This goal has changed a little bit for me as I see in this crazy modern world that we all lead busy life’s and everyone has some form of pain, be it mentally, emotionally or physically and we all need certain “tools” to help us manage it the most effectively way.

So my next step is to continue to share with you my day to day experiences of how I continue to live well with my Arthritis, the benefits of my holistic therapies, my CrossFit journey (my hip is strong enough now to take on its own challenges and I want to document these here), my healthy eating tips and my suggestions on Mindfulness.

I’m delighted to be a part of the Irish Blogger Agency and I just know its going to be such a success. I’m very positive and excited about this next step and I hope that I can bring as many of you along with me as possible.


Please feel free to view any of my blogs here and don’t forget to contact me here if you have any suggestions for me.

Stay Holistic 🙂

Catherine x



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