Unplug yourself!

Unplug yourself!

Ever feel like you are running around after your tail all the time? That you are doing chore after chore? That you are always organising things? Kids? Food? Washing? work etc. ?

That even when you do get to sit down or lie down at night, that you are running through lists in your head about what’s to be done in the morning?

You mind is on over drive and you don’t know when to stop?

In this fast paced, coffee fueled, social media driven, Pokémon  chasing,  Netflix bingeing world that we live in it (and I’m just describing myself) it can be easy to forget that it’s ok to stop for a while and just breathe.

It’s ok not to be ‘available/ or on’ all the time. It’s ok not to answer that text or email straight away. It’s ok not to wait up all night and deprive yourself of sleep just so that you can finish the ‘latest season of whatever’ all at once.  The social media world isn’t going any where and it will be all the better to enjoy if you unplug for a little while every once in a while.


Below are 5 things that I do to help ‘reset’ my mind when I’m feel like my head is spinning and my adrenal is pumping (and not in a good way!)

  1. Nature – One of my favourite quotes from the great film – The Power of One has stuck with me for years.

‘Any question you ever have the answer you will find in nature’.

Put into simple terms, if you are having one of those days and need time just to think. Go outside, go to the local park, walk among some trees, look out to sea. Let the wind blow through your hair, let the sand or grass go between your toes ( if you are brave enough) and I bet when you are finished your mind will be that little be clearer to handle your woes.

  1. Children – (I’m speaking about my own nieces and nephew here) are a great stress buster.  They don’t care about your work targets or if what you got in your latest exam/review. They don’t care if you have the latest designer items, what car you drive, what weights you lift in the gym. Children don’t care if your house (or life) is a mess or how many likes you got on your last selfie. They will shower you will smiles and hugs and you can’t help but feel great after a few hours with them. Who doesn’t feel great after an hour with the kids on a trampoline?! (go on, try it!).

  1. Books– I’m all for the new phone app that let’s your download your library books straight to your phone (Borrow box). But nothing beats a physical paper book. Put the screen away an hour before you go to bed and enjoy a good book  (even better if it’s non work related) and let the story take your mind away to another world.

Research has proven that you will also get better nights sleep too. Yipphhee!

  1. Handstands – very random you might think but I bet if you some time practising handstand, you will soon realise that you can’t be thinking of anything else at the same time. Handstands are a skill and involve 100% concatenation and attention.  You can’t be upside down and be thinking about anything else but ‘how am I going to great down again’ (without hurting myself). Try it and see how it goes!

5. Reflexology. – is a great holistic therapy that works on the mind, body and soul. It will work on  releasing stress from the body and balance the hormones while settling the nervous system. As a reflexologist I can work on the bodies systems, for example the Endocrine and Nervous systems and help restore any  imbalances the body has.

These are just some of the things that I do to help me unplug for a little while. Please feel free to try any of these tips and let me know how you get on.

Stay holistic 🙂
Catherine x


P.s. If you enjoyed this blog please feel free to have a read of some of my other blogs and don’t forget to spread the word to friends who might enjoy it.


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