Let Massage ease the pain of your Arthritis 

Let Massage ease the pain of your Arthritis 

Just because you have Arthritis doesn’t mean you can’t get a massage for fear that you will hurt yourself or make your Arthritis worse.

Believe me and speaking from experience there were times when I was in such much pain that getting a massage was one of the only things that would make me feel a little better. No it didn’t take away my Arthritis but what it did was give my mind 30 minutes of ‘off time’. Time where it could just switch off and allow someone else to be in charge of the pain for a change. 


Massage doesn’t have to be deep to work correctly. A nice gentle touch can do wonders for sore, fatigued and tired muscles. When someone comes into my treatment room for a massage to relieve the pain from their Arthritis, I will explain that I will be performing Holistic Massage with them. I will be working on their body as a whole, their mind and their condition. 


Research has shown that regular massage can help with reducing pain and stiffness, easing anxiety, improving range of motion in joints, and promoting more restful sleep. If you are suffering from Arthritis or any form of chronic pain, I highly recommend that you talk to a massage therapist, be honest and explain to them your condition and where you would like them to work. 

Massage is definitely something everyone should have in their “pain management” toolkit in times of pain and stress. 


If you have any questions or would like to see what Holistic Massage can do for you. Please contact me through any of my social media or call me on 089 467 2647.

Stay holistic 🙂

Catherine x 



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