My Smile Challenge ..

My Smile Challenge ..

On the June 16th I met Hannah Lilly at the launch of the Irish Health hour.Com in The Skeff and she shared with us her Joyhunt quest. You can read about that meeting here and from that day I set myself a little challenge for the next 30 days to pick 3 different things that make me smile each day.


So how did it go?!?
Honestly I thought it wouldn’t  be too hard. As generally I’m not an unhappy person and I do try and stay positive most of the time. I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means for example, I get road rage in traffic like most people and slow people on the footpath really increase my blood pressure 😦 .

But I do try and say hello to my work colleagues, smile at children ( not in the creepy way!)and ask people in the gym how their day is going and genuinely care 🙂
So how hard could it be to identify 3 different things in the day that stood out and made me smile.
Day 1 was a normal enough day. It involved chocolate ( a new bar for me), a lovely compliment from a holistic client and a Deadlift improvement. All good 🙂

The next few days were similar, work, holistic treatments , gym workouts etc .

The days went fast and add in some exciting Euros matches the whole country seemed to be smiling 🙂 🙂 .
The main thing I was happily realising was that life is good. It reaffirmed that while I’m busy running from one job to the next and trying to schedule my CrossFit training around my holistic appointments and making ‘date nights’ with himself. I was also taking a little extra time out to look in the mirror at myself.

I realised I have my health, a wonderful boyfriend, family and friends, a good job and a holistic company that I love and every day this was making me smile. Aww!!

These things are all priceless :).  While money is always good, you need to be happy with what you have first and foremost before you can be happy with anything else. (Maternal or maternal all not!).

Thank you Hannah for giving me this idea for this challenge. I’m really glad I did it.

We all lead busy lives and can sometimes rush through it without taking a pause every now and then to take it all in.

So my challenge to you is before you go to sleep at night, simply think back ( you don’t need to document if you don’t want to ) and ask yourself what made you smile today?!? You might even be surprised by the answer.

Stay holistic 🙂

Catherine x


P.s If this blog made you smile today, please share with someone else to make them smile too. x



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