Sure it’s another tick on the Bucket List if nothing else.. Right?!? 

Sure it’s another tick on the Bucket List if nothing else.. Right?!? 

Ok I’ve gone and done it….I just entered into my first EVER competitive CrossFit Competition!!

I’ve been doing CrossFit since August 2013 but realistically I’ve only been doing it more seriously for about a year or so because that’s when I started setting myself little goals and targets to hit. (see my blog about how I got my first pull up here).

There are 2 types of CrossFit athletes out there, the first are the general Joe and Jane Doe’s who join and train to get fit, to lose weight, to increase their overall general health and well being. They want to do something more than the generic programs from the hotel and leisure centre gyms and CrossFit’s  HIIT (high intensive interval training) workouts are always good for that. These athletes generally go 2-3 times a week and while they see improvements in their movements and flexibility, stamina etc, they don’t have the time or desire to “compete” in competitions. There is nothing wrong with this and most of the people in the CrossFit boxes fall in to this category.

Secondly are the competitors, these are the athletes who train for competitive competitions, they do the Class workouts and then some. They will be the ones who train before and/or after class. They generally train more than 4 times a week and the more serious of them have their own personal programs. Their goals are to compete in as many competitions as possible, while some of them aim for the CrossFit Regionals and eventually CrossFit Games. (at the moment this is less than 2% of the overall CrossFit population.

So me, where do I stand? Obviously the first group, my goal is written on the CrossFit Galway wall!

I train atleast 3 (try for 4 )times a week. I have “good days” and “bad days” in there like everyone else. Some days I break my own personal best on the workouts and other days the bar on its own feels heavy.

However with my “new” hip (nearly 4 years and counting) there are movements that I cant do or have to eliminate to avoid any further pain and long term soreness e.g. running, deep squatting, bear crawls, burpees!

But most days I’m fine in there and I can honestly say I sometimes even forget that I have mobility issues.That’s how great the coaches and training is in my Crossfit Box.

As you can see from my social media a lot of my weekends and holidays do involve going to competitions to cheer other people from the gym on.(there are now beginners, intermediates and advanced competitions in a lot of the CrossFit boxes around the country)

Himself is a coach and competitive athlete and thankfully I don’t mind the early Saturday starts and road trips to Dublin, Waterford, Ennis etc. Last year we even went to Copenhagen to watch the best of Europe and Africa compete in the Meridian Regional. This was an amazing experience and would encourage anyone to join CrossFit. (This is a photo of me with some of the top athletes and them on the podium!)


Up until now I have been happy to go and watch, cheer them on and have been happy with my own training. I’ve always said that with my own work and blogging and treatments that I couldn’t give any more time to train for a competition and also that I was scared for my hip and how I might injure it.

But then CrossFit Galway announced that they were doing their first competitive competition in August. 
Some of the girls that I train with there have entered and asked me to enter too. At first I used my go-to line..”That’s great, best of luck, Ill take a photos and cheer you on :)” But then the seed was planted. Why didn’t I enter? What was really stopping me??

I’ll be scared, I’ll be nervous, I might lose.. So what!!  This is a local beginners competition in my gym, I’m in the best shape I have been in the last 5 years (if not ever!). What have I got to lose?  I might even enjoy it!!

Decisions, decisions.. Which way should I go?

I have no realistic reason to not do this. If nothing else its another tick on that Bucket list.

So on Sunday last I signed up..(no going back now!!). Wish me luck and keep an eye on my regular updates on my Facebook and Instagram!

Stay holistic 😀

Catherine x









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