Going back to school!! 

Going back to school!! 

As you know I’ve been ‘officially ‘ blogging” for nearly 9 months now, after many  years of personal journals. I wanted to introduce a blog to my business as a help and complimentary tool for people to get more information on the benefits of my holistic treatments and also to share with my followers some hips and tips about living with Arthritis and managing my life with my replaced hip through my exercise, relaxation, healthy eating etc.


I started using WordPress after a little bit of investigation because of its easy to use layout. I’m not a big techie at all and my head gets confused when it comes to ‘Coding’ and ‘Java’ speak. I come from the old paper and pen diary so I needed something that I could use easily and get my thoughts down as quick on my keyboard.

WordPress is great for that and at the beginning I just typed and published (naively delighted with myself). However as the months went on I realised that I needed my blog to be more that just words on a white page. My blog needs to have pictures, links, stats, graphics, even colour! If I want it to be taken serious I needed to up my ‘blog game’ so to speak.


So roll on last week where I attended an excellent one day ‘Blog School’ run by the the wonderful ladies from the ITWBN Sinead snd Saibh and Michael from Educated Machine.  This was held in the Connacht Hotel  and was advertised for bloggers just like me who needed help getting their blog set up or help with the in and outs of the WordPress platform.


This workshop opened up my eyes to the potential that my blog can be and within just a few short hours I learned about Headings,Categories,Themes, Plug Ins and Widgets to name up a few. Micheal and the ladies made us feel at ease from the beginning and no question was “silly” or “too small”. It was such an interesting day and is always lovely to also meet other bloggers in the same position as me. I have been to a few network get-together’s before and this just confirms what I already know about the “Into The West Blogger Network”.  The support and encouragement you get from the network is second to none. Its invaluable to any serious blogger.


I left the workshop so confident that I was dying to get stuck in to refreshing and updating my blog. I have already added in some links to my social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By the end of this week I hope to have all the blogs grouped into easy to find categories so that you as the reader can find all related Blogs together, such as Holistic treatments, Crossfit, Healthy Eating, Living with Arthritis etc.

Please feel free to contact me by any of the above links and let me know what you would like to see on the blog and I do my best to write a blog about it.


I promise exciting times ahead here J


Stay holistic ..


Catherine x





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