Reflexology and that Time of the month!! 

Reflexology and that Time of the month!! 

This is my fourth and final blog in the collection of “Reflexology and my body” mini blogs that I’m doing.In this weeks one I’m going to focus on the benefits of Reflexology on the Reproductive system.

Now while many people might think this is for the ladies only. I’m delighted to say that Reflexology can be as beneficial to my male clients also. For example, it can help with prostate problems, infertility and ureter/urinary infections. So don’t be afraid of it.
However today I am going to focus on the benefits of the treatment for sufferers of premenstrual tension (PMT), Endometriosis and menopause.

PMT can cause irritability, fluid retention, headaches and emotional and nervous tension to name but a few. (Com’on ladies hands up if you know what I’m talking about!)

Endometriosis is a diagnosed condition where the lining of the womb disintegrates during menstruation resulting in extra pelvic pain to the body and very painful and uncomfortable period leading to extra stress on the body.
While Menopause can cause hot flushes, headaches, dry skin, insomnia etc. All of these problems depend on the individual female but there are never nice and can all lead to extra unnecessary stress.

But great news, read on. Reflexology can help.
As in my other blogs, A general reflexology treatment to start of with, will benefit the person whole body and help the person relax into it. Then the reflexologist will focus on the reflexes of the particular area required on the foot.
As our hormones come from the Endocrine system. I also focus a lot on the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands first. This will help restore balance and control hormonal activity.

I then focus on the reflexes of the Reproductive system. Particular attention on the inside and outside of the ankle (just below it) where the ovaries and uterus reflexes are. The fallopian tube reflex runs across the top of the ankle also.

As always a good honest consultation with your reflexologist at the start will help determine the best treatment for you and your health issue but in general I recommend 4 -6 treatments for any real and long lasting effects to happen to the body.
So that completes my collection of the benefits of Reflexology on some different issues. I hope you enjoyed them and please email me on if there is an particular issue you would me to run through.

As always thanks for reading and please do share if you know someone who might benefit from my blog.
Stay holistic 🙂
Catherine x


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