Hot Yoga!! 

Hot Yoga!! 

As spring is a busy season for me working, volunteering and blogging. I can find it hard to get my gym work in as much as I would like so when I was asked to try out the Hot Yoga at French Vanoli I only jumped at the chance.

I do Crossfit there during the week and have enjoyed their Yogalates classes over the last few months so I was very intrigued by what happens in the the room that glows!! 🙂

So what is Hot Yoga? This is basically any yoga exercise performed under hotter or humid conditions than normal yoga.

French Vanoli don’t offer Bikram Yoga. But rather advertise it as ‘a comfortable space to practice Hot Yoga. It’s not so hot that you are drained and dehydrated but warm enough that your muscles get nice and warm and lengthen with ease’ (French Vanoli Facebook)

I was a little hesitant at first (like I am with all new exercise and classes) due to my replaced hip and on the first night I made sure I was there early to talk to the instructor and explain about my arthritis and my flexibility issues (or lack of). I need not of worried, she was lovely and explained that I can do what I can do and that each time you come to the yoga mat, you should have no expectations of what you body can do as each practice is different and that I might even surprise myself. I really liked that idea and knew I would enjoy it.

They hold 2 classes a week (Monday at 8.30pm and Thursday at 7.15pm) both last for 75 minutes and they make sure that they aren’t over booked so there is plenty of room for everyone. I choose the Monday classes for the 4 weeks.

I’ve never practiced yoga before so at the start I’m sure some of my poses were interesting to say the least 🙂

I imagined that I looked more like Bridget Jones than Kathryn Budig (google her) with all the bends and steps and poses but once I focused and listened to my body I really got into the rhythm of it. 

The biggest thing for me was the yoga breathing. In all other classes I’ve done, I breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Yoga breathing is different, it’s out through the nose and in through the nose and with the heat as well it encourages you to breathe deeper.

My tip here is to concentrate on your breathing and let it guide you. This did wonders for my mind as I really couldn’t concentrate on anything else when I was in there but my breathing. Whatever woes, issues, problems I was having those days completely disappeared during these classes and I felt so relaxed and lighter leaving there. Thankfully it was also time for bed when class was finished and I had the most wonderful deep sleeps those nights I was ready for my busy world again.

French Vanoli say that their Yoga can ‘help improve a persons performance in so many ways, increase flexibility, develop agility and strength, and sharpen mental focus’.

I say go for the heat, go for the stillness and peace, go for the stretching or go for all 3.  Which ever is your reason I highly recommend this class for all. It really is good for your mind, body and soul.
Stay holistic 😀

Catherine.  X


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For more information on the French Vanoli classes visit


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