Mindfulness in the City that never sleeps..

Mindfulness in the City that never sleeps..

New York,  The Big Apple, NYC, Gotham City, The Melting Pot, The city that never sleeps…Which ever name it’s known by, this city is one of the most beautiful and busiest cities in America and maybe even the world. With its busy shopping avenues, crowded but fun Times Square, musicial  Broadway, professional financial distinct to name but a few places. No matter which way you go there are plenty of lights, people, noise and yellow cabs. It’s fun, it’s fast and at times it mesmerising. But where do you go when you want some chill out, mindfulness time?!?

While I was there I found two places that were great when you needed to just step out of the hustle and bustle of it all for a little while.
The first one happened, on my second morning there, I was awake from 5.30 am (body clock still on Irish time) and met up with a few of the group I was with and went in search of the sun rise. One of the lads had found a lovely spot the morning before while out jogging so we walked across to 1st Avenue and over looking the East River and Queens we waited for the sun to rise.

It was 7.02am and it was lovely to take the city in at this time. The streets and cafe diners are only starting to wake up and there is a great sense of excitement and anticipation in the air.

The sun rise itself only takes s few minutes and it was beautiful to watch.

All bright and colourful, you can’t help but feel alive and renewed after watching it. Something I would definitely recommend which part of the world you are in.

The second little piece of tranquil heaven was found on a cycle around Central Park. Amongst all the skyspapers, the iconic  upper east side and upper west side and just beside The Met museum lies 843 acres of urban park that is Central Park.

There is loads to do in this park, from visiting the zoo, feeding the ducks in the many parks, taking a trip on one of the many horse and carriage rides or just take a picnic and a book and just laze in this glorious beautiful green park. A group of us, rented some bikes and took a gentle cycle through the park. There are dedicated bike lanes so it’s great not to have to worry about getting run over by a yellow cab. We cycled at our own pace and separated into groups so that one could stop and just take in the fresh air and beautiful sights of the park. It’s hard to believe this is a stones throw away from the shopping district of 5th avenue and the craziness of Times Square. I got to take it all in and even spotted a few of the many iconic sights that are in many films.

We spent only a couple of hours there but again I felt refreshed, relaxed and the batteries were definitely recharged to face the ‘madness’ that 4 days in New York will bring.

But like everything in New York I could of spent more time there. I loved every minute of it and would highly recommend it to anyone that is planning a trip to NYC.
Stay holistic 🙂

Catherine x
Ps. that’s my 3rd and final blog about my trip to New York. Thank you for reading them and please share with anyone that might be interested. New York you’ve been amazing. Until next time. X


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