Dealing with Jet lag…

Dealing with Jet lag…

This weekend the clocks ‘spring forward’ one hour to symbolise day light saving time. (I.e. Summer time).It is done to help make better use of daylight , ideally moving one hour of daylight from the morning to the evening.

However this will also have an effect on your own body clock and for a few days your body might feel a little more sluggish and tired.

This is the same affect the body has when recovering from jet lag. With jet lag, your body system can get confused and react out of sync. This can lead to fatigue, indigestion and bowel problems, loss of concentration and general feelings of unwellness. Your immune system might also be affected and you could be more at risk to cold, coughs and sore throats.

Recently I was away and I find the best ways to deal with these symptoms from jet lag (particularly long flights) are the following:

On the flight, drink plenty of water and try to move about regularly and do gentle flexibility exercise to keep the blood flowing.

Set your watches/phone clocks to the destination time as soon as possible. This helps the mind adjust to the new time quicker.

When you arrive at your destination try and get as much sunlight as you can, as this will help your body feel more awake. Do more stretches and move about to help the body get the kinks out after a long flight.

In return, if you land early, try and get a few hours sleeps before midday but make sure you don’t sleep too long and then go to bed at your normal time that night and for the next few nights to get your body back into its natural rhythm.

Over the first few days drink as much water as you can as this will help flush out any toxins in your body.

Reflexology is also known to help with the effects of jet lag. It a natural way to get the body back in balance by relaxing the body and helping the body get a good nights sleep.

It works on balancing all the bodies systems and pays particular attention while to the central nervous and endocrine systems, especially the pineal gland which are all helpful for your body clock. So your body will thank you if you book yourself in.

Happy Easter everyone and I hope you all enjoy the extra hour of day light
Stay holistic πŸ™‚



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