Guided Imagery… I love it :)

Guided Imagery… I love it :)

Nowadays everywhere you look you will hear about ‘mindfulness’ and ‘living in the moment’ and ‘mediation’ and all the benefits that these can bring to us.

Many clients ask me, ‘what does this all mean?’ ‘How can I start?”Will it help me relax/de stress?’.

However they also usually say that they don’t have time to mediate, do mindfulness classes or read Β ‘live in the moment’ books about it. In this ever changing, increasingly stressful and hugely social media fuelled world that we all live in, there never seems to be time to STOP and take it all in, to smell the roses so to speak before we are off again.(Always racing to work, collecting kids, running to the gym, ironing, washing, tidying the house etc)
Take it from me, I know what they mean, I work full time in a target driven sales environment, I blog and I run The Holistic Toolkit part time. I also volunteer with Arthritis Ireland and train in Crossfit Galway at least 3 times a week. This is all before I take in my commute to work, pencil in time for friends and family and enjoy some time with himself. Life can be hectic to say the least. (And a lot of my clients have kids to add to the mix).

It can all be busy and stressful and my mind is always ON and thinking about more than one thing at once. It helps that I make lists and keep reminders in my phone about what I have for the days/ weeks ahead and I have become quite good at compartmentalising things and only focus on the activity at hand. I found this really works.

However a few years a go I was introduced to guided imaginary in my Arthritis course (see previous blog about that course) and I simply love it. It’s a very simple technique that can help with many things including relaxation, de stressing, anixiety, quieting the mind, relaxing tense muscles and helping getting to sleep and is also a great pain distraction technique.

The greatest thing is the simplistic of it all. Guided imagery is like a guided daydream, where you transport yourself to another time and place. All you need is a smart phone with YouTube on it and some ear phones (if you are in a public place and want to avoid some staring I’d recommend these πŸ™‚ ). YouTube has loads of different guided talks that range from 5 minutes to 1 hour so you choose which ever suits you. You can listen to it, in bed, the car, on the bus, a quick 5 minutes at lunch whenever or wherever you need ‘to get away for a little while’.
Here is my favourite one..

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Stay holistic πŸ™‚
Catherine x


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