Brace yourselves… Cold and flu season is upon us!!

Brace yourselves… Cold and flu season is upon us!!

Aww good auld flu/cold season is upon us.. And no matter how much you think you can avoid it, there is always someone sneezing or coughing in your direction.

The flu season is anytime from November to April but I heard a report on the radio during the week that these few weeks are the peak times so I decided to share with you all some of my cold and flu remedies.(or at least how to mind yourself when you have one)

My day job for the last 12 plus years is at a desk and involves talking on the phone for most of the day so I have had my fair share of sore throats and colds and as I can’t always be taking time off or resting it as much as I’d like so I’ve had to find something else that would help.

Of course a good nights sleep is critical for the body to rest and recover when you have the cold (or feel one coming on). I need 7 hours at least on a good night but when my body is not 100% I make sure I listen to it and get another few hours in. Even going to bed early with a book is good for you. Nothing beats fresh new pj’s, loads of comfy pillows and a hot water bottle or an electric blanket to let the body sink into and just rest.

I also have plenty of water at hand. I have water at my desk, water in the gym and a bottle in the car and I always keep a small glass by the bed for that time i wake up and need to help clear my throat. Water will help keep the body hydrated and flush out any toxics before they can do any damage.

I always start the day with hot water and lemon as this is great for the throat and is also known to boost the immune system, reduce fevers, halts the progress of a cold and relieve respiratory problems amongst other things. I drink it in the car on the way to work so it also keep my hands warm πŸ™‚

During the day then I also drink green teas, they keep me hydrated, warms my throat and also boosts the immune system and helps fight any nasty infections from starting.

Fuelling the body with the right foods is essential n helping your immune system from fighting the flu and the best foods to eat are non processed healthy foods. spices such as garlic and turmeric can be added to your meals at any time and they are both proven to help build the immune system defences and get rid of toxins, bad bacteria and viruses. When I’m feeling a cold coming on I simply add extra blueberries, bananas and plenty of greens(kale, spinach etc) to my daily smoothies and this gives me an extra defence.

I also take echinacea at least twice a day and this works instantly. This is a very popular herb that can be purchased in any health food shop or chemist and proven to help in the combat of the cold and flu. It is a natural antibiotic and made from a genus of herbaceous flowering plant in the daisy flower. It has so many benefits but the main one for me is the boost it gives my immune system. I highly recommend that everyone should have this tiny bottle in their cupboard or hand bag.
Last but not least Reflexology is also very good for improving the immune system. It does this by focusing on the lymphatic and respiratory systems. A reflexologist can work on the reflex points of the eyes, the throat, the ears, the noses, the lungs and the glands and can help clear any blockages and speed up recovery. As well as help reduce and avoid any of those flu/cold like symptoms, headaches, sinuses, coughs etc.. It will get you back on that road to recovery quicker.

So that’s it folks, eat well, take plenty of fluids, rest, take your echinacea and book yourself in for reflexology and I hope any of you that have the cold feel better soon.
Stay holistic πŸ™‚

Catherine x



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