Homemade Chocolate Non Bake Bark…

Homemade Chocolate Non Bake Bark…

Tomorrow evening, my Crossfit (crossfit Galway) gym are having a ‘friendly’ in house competition and while I’m all ready for the workouts, the weights, the blood, the sweat and the tears ( and no doubt plenty of Burpees) that it will involve. (Bring it on!!!) πŸ™‚

I have to say my favourite part of these events is the fact that we have a get together afterwards. Everyone can bring snacks,treats, food and we just have a nice relaxed laugh and catch up.

Some people also bring their own homemade snacks such as protein power balls, paleo snacks etc. I always find that it’s a great place to try these out and then we swap/ exchange each other recipes for future bakes.

So today I’d decided to make some of my own chocolate non bake bark. I’ve made it before for friends and it went down a storm.

They are very easy to make and you don’t have to follow any hard recipe or even really stick to any measurements. Just have the basics and then add in what you like.
Most of the ingredients you will probably already have in your cupboard or fridge.

For today’s ones I used:

1 punnet of strawberries

150 g of dark cooking chocolate

150 g of milk chocolate

100 g of dried fruit and nut mix or cranberries

50g of sliced almonds

Desiccated coconut
You will also need mixing bowls, grease proof paper and room in your fridge.
Simply melt the 2 types of chocolate in the microwave in separate bowls and then mix these together.

Line a large container with grease proof paper.( I use a large glass Pyrex dish)

Pour the chocolate mixture into it, spreading it about 1 inch deep.

Place the mixed fruit/nut/cranberries over this and gentle push into the wet chocolate with a spoon.

Chop the strawberries into 6/8 pieces and repeat over the fruit/nuts.

Sprinkle the desiccated coconut over these.

Place the bowl into the fridge to set into a bark.

After a few hours you will be able to remove the bark from the dish and slice into smaller pieces. I recommend that you store these in smaller sealable containers and keep refrigerated. I’m told that they can last for days but they never get the chance in my house. πŸ™‚

Have a go yourself and let me know what you think.

Ps. It tastes lovely with a glass of cold milk!


Stay Holistic πŸ™‚
Catherine x


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