It’s the most wonderful time of the year… 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… 

December is traditionally a time of the year when all the work is done (or near done). A time to reflect, to look back on the past 12 months, to pat yourself on the back for the things you have achieved and to not be so hard on yourself if the years plans didn’t go exactly the way you might have wanted them to go!
For me, 2015 will always be a special one for me and The Holistic Toolkit… (as you know in 2013 I retrained as a massage therapist and over the 2 years I slowly built up my clients and my treatments, adding Reflexology and Indian Head Massage) but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I decided to take the plunge and become an official sole trader and set up “The Holistic Toolkit”. 

That was in April and I set myself my business goals/visions for the rest of the year, not really knowing which way it would all go.. (I’m not going to lie, I was more than a little scared!)
However nearly 8 months later, as I sit here looking through my appointments book, I can’t believe how it has gone from strength to strength. For me it wasn’t just about getting new clients on my books but about getting as much experience and exposure that I could get and I definitely got these during the year.
It has been a busy 8 months but two of my highlights were volunteering at the Galway Branch of Arthritis Ireland “Wellness Fair” ( giving taster treatments of Reflexology and Indian Head Massages) in May and volunteering at “ The Filthy 150” Crossfit competition in Dublin in October (63 massages in 8 hours!). Days/events like that cant be bought and it’s the best way to gain experience and meet so many different types of people and a great way to really show and explain to people what The Holistic Toolkit is all about.

 Then in autumn, I decided to start blogging. Writing a journal is something that I have always done since a teenager so this was a natural progression for me and a nice complementary addition to The Holistic Toolkit.  

But I have to say that going from someone who wrote for my eyes only, it took me a little while to change my writing style to one that others might want to read. I got great help and guidance on this from the “Into the West Blogger Network” and have met some other great bloggers through this. I really enjoy blogging and it’s definitely something I will expand on more in 2016.


 So I have to say 2015 was some year and I’m truly grateful to everyone who helped me along the way. I really couldn’t of done it without all of you , so I sincerely wish you all a peaceful, happy and holistic Christmas and please stay with me on this journey as I know 2016 is going to be even bigger and better.


Stay Holistic  

Catherine x



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