Why you should give Indian Head Massage a try….

Why you should give Indian Head Massage a try….

I added Indian Head Massage to The Holistic Toolkit at the beginning of this year because many of my clients would come in to me with tension headaches, have problems in sleeping and issues getting their minds to relax and I wanted to be able to offer an alternative treatment to Reflexology.Β 
I spent 3 months in India in 2009 and I remember friends there telling me about how Indian families would use massage daily both for relaxation and healing. They would use massage techniques based on old Ayurvedic treatments. I remember watching ladies offering head massages on the beaches to the tourists and natives alike and people getting treatments in shopping centres, on the side of the road, waiting for buses and even in airports.

From an early age Indian children are taught to give head massage so that each family member can both give and receive treatments.

Also in barbers and hairdressers over there, they use stimulating and invigorating head massage known as ‘champi’ during the hair wash. Over times these techniques were adopted into western culture and has become the Indian Head Massage as we know it.

What surprised me in my training was that Indian head massage isn’t just a massage of the scalp. It’s a seated treatment incorporating the upper back, the shoulders, the arms, the neck, the scalp and the face and can last anything from 20 minutes to a hour.
As you can imagine it has many benefits to all the bodies system, which include and not limited to this following:
Reduces stress levels

Regulates breathing

Releases physical and mental tension

Improves hair condition and promotes healthy hair growth

Reduces and removes lactic acid.( particularly from the shoulders and neck muscles)

Helps balance the chakras (by increasing the feelings of awareness and sense of calm and clarify.
Indian head massage is ideal for everyone but particular for those who use lift heavy weights or concentrate a lot with computers, numbers, driving etc.
I have to say that I love performing Indian Head Massage as you can actually see the tension/the stress/the woes of the day leave the body through the shoulders and neck and people generally drift away after about 10 minutes into the treatment and some have even fallen asleep -a great compliment to a massage therapist!
So next time your body needs a massage, a rubdown or a bit of down time. Maybe treat yourself to an Indian Head Massage.

Until next time.
Stay holistic πŸ™‚
Catherine x


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