What is Reflexology?? 

What is Reflexology?? 

A lot of people ask me what is Reflexology? Is it just massage for the feet? What benefits can I get from it??
Pick up any intro guide to alternative treatments on the market and it might describe reflexology along the lines as ‘an ancient therapeutic treatment for activating the inate healing powers of the body’.

However it is a little bit more interesting that than for me and I just wanted to share with you some of the wonderful health benefits of reflexology through some of the every day people who come through my treatment room.
There’s first the pregnant lady who is suffering with high blood pressure, pregnancy stress, swollen ankles and lower back pain. She receives 4 gentle reflexology treatments (about 40 mins each once a week). This successfully reduced her blood pressure (as checked by her g.p) and she told me that she feels more relaxed, her back wasn’t as sore and her sleep improved for the weeks before childbirth.


Secondly there’s a client who suffers from irregular periods and PMT issues. She received 6 treatments over 3 months and I worked on her endocrine system which is basically the balancing the hormones in the body and the reproductive system and she said that she immediately felt calmer, lighter and more relaxed and during these sessions her menstrual cycle was the most regular it had been in years.
I also want to share the story of the gentleman who suffered from insomnia during stressful times at work. He was hesitate to try out reflexology as he said that he couldn’t understand how ‘massaging his feet ‘ could help him but his wife persuaded him and he said that he was pleasantly surprised when he slept the best he had in ages after each session.

These are just some of the clients that I have worked with and while each client has different health issues and concerns, all i ask is that they come in with an open mind and they give it at least a few sessions before they expect to see the positive changes to their bodies systems.

A session is normally about an hour in total and starts off with a verbal consultation and then I read the feet using reflexology maps. This is simply where each part of foot (or hand) represents a particular part of the body and I will identify the areas (called reflexes) that I need to work on. By applying light pressure on these reflex points on the feet all the organs, glands, nerves and structures of the body can be stimulated and encourage healing in that required area.

Reflexology can be practised on any anybody of any age and can be beneficial for a number of common conditions such as headaches, stress, arthritis, digestive issues, reproductive problems, insomnia, coughs, colds and many more.

So that’s just a brief insight into Reflexology… Next time I’ll share with you some benefits to Indian Head Massage.
Stay holistic 🙂
Catherine x


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