My Wellfest 2015

My Wellfest 2015

The date was the 19th of September 2015. The venue was Herbert Park, Dublin. The time was 6.15am!!!! And the reason why I was up so early was to drive up to Ireland’s first health and fitness festival called Wellfest!

We arrived in plenty of time and even bagged ourselves some free stuff from ‘Yelp’!!.  First impressions looked good with people bussing about and the Insanity fit zone in full swing on the main well stage.

The sun was out at this stage and so were the guns.. Dominic Munnellys guns that is and his ‘Ultimate guide to looking good and feeling awesome ‘ was funny and easy to listen to as well as informative. Who knew macros and calories could be so easy to understand.. (Look up Dominic’s website for more information. Definately worth a look).

I skipped off to the ‘well being’ tent for some Pilates and as I haven’t done this since my hip replacement it was a nice gentle intro back into that world which i thoroughly enjoyed.

My next workshop was a Q and A session about Crossfit with Dara O Boyle and Lucy Keneflick.. While I attend crossfit regularly myself these guys are great coaches and also worth spending time listening to. The Happy Pear started a cookery demo and that’s when my stomach reminded me that I hadn’t eaten in a while and off i went in search of some good food.

There was a good variety to choose from, paleo snacks, BBQ spicy food, yoghurt pots, noodles, juices, protein stands etc and queues for most so always a good sign. Meanwhile Heather Gordon and her Piloxing class was on the main stage and the crowd were giving it socks, 100 or so people stomping all over the grass… Looked like so much fun!

Sarah Doyle’s of the Better life project gave a talk about Body Image and Self Love which got a lot of heads nodding in agreement from the ladies in the crowd about how we need to treat ourselves more positively and love our bodies and be happy in our own skin.

I was off to the ‘well being’ tent for Mari Kenndys meditation. I loved this body scan method and could of happily lay there for another 20 minutes.I was very zen like afterwards, However Crossfit 353 challenges were calling us ..’Highest double Unders in 30 seconds’ !! 46 is my highest ever but today wasnt the day and I couldn’t get over 30!!.. (The record was 61) I blame my shoes, my glasses, my got very close so I’m very proud 🙂

The queue for the coffee seemed the shortest it had been all day and I needed a caffeine top up and the bulletproof coffee was recommended. However here lies my only disappointing  part of the day. With all the great stalls, food stands and amazing workshops there was only one coffee vendor. The vendor himself wasn’t at fault, he was truly run off his feet. There was hundreds of people there and I’m sure most of them drank coffee so had to queue at some point and this didn’t add value to anyone’s day 😦 ps the coffee was good! Well done Cocobrew!!

Off then to the last talk off the day – the much anticapted Bressie and his very open talk about mental health. The tent was full and silent and he didn’t disappoint. He spoke about personal experiences and gave us tips about building a more resilient Ireland. He recommends that we all start by doing these 5 things for 10 days and see what differences it makes:

  1. Move  away from toxic environments- people, situations etc.
  2. Have more self compassion – pick one nice/good thing you did or felt today and remember it just before you fall asleep.
  3. Be grateful (for everything) say 30 thank you’s in the morning.
  4. Be more mindful – pick 30 moments and really feel them, taste them etc.
  5. Stop judging others. This does nothing for you and your health.

These seems like all doable things and I recommend that we all try them and see what difference it makes. Bressie also spoke about the Headspace App and I love this meditation app. Try their 10 minutes for 10 days challenge and I bet you will love it. Bressies talk was a great end to a great day.

Wellfest was a great festival(coffee aside!) . It had a bit of everything and for everyone, from the beginners to the advanced, in fitness, dance, TRX, Pilates, yoga, roam rolling, meditation, mindfullness , crossfit as well as some wonderful and inspiring speakers.

Maybe next year, you could have a relaxation tent. Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage… Just an idea maybe?!? 😉

Until then, well done Wellfest and hope to see you next year.

Stay Holistic!!

Catherine x

ps I’ve photos up on my Facebook and Instagram 🙂

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